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English traditional houses

Tradition in England is a notorious three pillars on which rests the earth. Some aspects of British life are treated with reverence.

The construction of your own home and garden is the most popular British hobby. All his spare time, they give further improvement and beautification of the home and the garden under the windows of the living room.

Another Englishman can’t imagine a house without a manicured garden near the house. This is a special custom of England. The Englishman, whose garden near the house the best, is a very respected person and he can be proud of themselves.
British love animals. Almost every house holds pets. It seems that often they love animals more than their own children, forgiving beasts such antics, for which the children would be properly punished


National costumes

It is ironic that Britain, a country with rich national traditions, has no national costume.
The best-known folk costumes are costumes of dancers performing a ritual dance Morris, who perform in villages in the summer. This was attributed to the magical dance of the value associated with the awakening of the

earth. Although some variations are allowed in this suit, but in general it consists of white trousers, white shirt, bells around the legs and felt or straw hats decorated with ribbons and flowers. Bells and flowers are designed to protect from harm and bring fertility.



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