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Traditional English tea

The oldest and most well-known tradition in England is tea, which is treated with reverence, and this tradition is revered in England no less than in the east. Tea in England, of course, an Indian drink, but refined and subtle revered and Chinese. Your own, especially tea mixed self-respecting Englishmen take with them on a journey. Tea, drink everything and everywhere, but not always. Tea for breakfast, tea at work, come home to tea, but after dinner, tea is not accepted.

In accordance with English tea etiquette, in any case be limited to one type of tea.
The tea table is located in the living room with fireplace. The tablecloth is preferred monotonous, white or blue. For the ceremony, couples will need tea, coffee and tea, a jug of boiling water, milk jug with milk or cream, dessert plates for appetizers, a knife and fork for each guest, tea spoon, strainer, strainer and stand, sugar bowl with lump sugar, sugar tongs and wool cheholchik kettle for tea. Snacks are served at once, before the filing of tea, but not necessarily in the presence of guests. By tradition, the afternoon tea is served bread, salted butter, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, eggs, toast with cinnamon, almond biscuits, jams, biscuits, muffins, donuts, pastries and cakes. And, of course, the most famous in the world of snack - sandwiches. Lord John belongs to the idea of ​​Sandwich sandwiches of two plates of bread stuffed with ham, chocolate or jam in the middle. As such, the warm and serve the sandwich is much more convenient.
Lemon, sliced, served on a separate platter and sprinkle with sugar is not. English tea with lemon is called the "Russian tea". Lemon tea is added to the contents of bergamot and Chinese green teas.
The most tricky question in an English tea party is tea in milk or milk in tea. By ancient tradition, first pour the milk (quarter cup), and then tea. It is believed that in such a sequence better than the two components are mixed. According to another version, the English feared for expensive china and because it does not just pour the hot tea.
When all the participants of the ceremony decided on the choice of teas, you can start brewing it. First prepare the teapot, rinse it with water (90-95 degrees). Then pour tea into the teapot and leaves 1 tsp per drinker. All filled with boiling water for 3-5 minutes during this time tea will reveal all its advantages - first released essential oils and tannin, caffeine, and then the very taste.
This tea is immediately poured into cups and immediately added to the kettle with boiling water from a pitcher. The British drink only hot tea.
The English Tea Party, like any ceremony, does not tolerate noise. Everything here is designed to the maximum of good feeling: and the exquisite taste of tea, and from communicating with friends.
In England, drinking tea with milk! While the tea brewed in a well-heated cup pour warmed but not boiled milk, 2-3 teaspoons, and then pour in the milk tea.
The English drink tea three times a day and at certain times: in the morning for breakfast, at 1 o'clock at lunch and in the so-called "Five-o’clock".
My favorite tea is this five-hour. At this time, usually from someone at home are going to old friends and acquaintances.
From public places tea is gradually moved into the home, family and became a favorite pastime.
With 59 million inhabitants, the British daily drink 165 million cups of tea. 86% of cups of tea is consumed at home.

By lunchtime, the tradition in England is decided to change clothes, it is in admissible to attend a dinner in the same clothes in which people went in the afternoon. It is not necessary to change clothes into something grand, clothes can be democratic, for example, T-shirt, sweater and jeans.

British high days

There are a lot of customs and traditions in the United Kingdom. Every year British have many high days in concordance with their traditions. They are celebrating Christmas, Easter, Good Friday,St. Valentine`s day, Shakespeare Festival and many others.

In the UK (excepting Scotland) New Year is not very popular. Many people are going to bed in New year`s night in order to go to work next day. They don’t send greeting cards or give presents, because the 1st of January is a workday. But many people celebrate New Year with their families. The yours go the dancing parties, restaurants, hotels. The bands play wonderful music. But English New year is not official holiday. In the end of the year, there is the most famous New Year celebration. In London, many people go to Trafalgar Square on New Year's Eve. There is singing and dancing at 12 o'clock on December 31st.

An excellent custom of England is a decoration of the house for Christmas and holding Christmas. By ancient custom in England for Christmas all the windows of houses are covered with candles, so the night before Christmas also called "night of candles." In modern England, on Christmas Eve instead of the traditional Christmas logs lit a fat Christmas candle.The traditional Christmas food is roasted turkey and Christmas pudding.

A popular Scottish event is the Edinburgh Festival of music and drama, which takes place every year. A truly Welsh event is the Eisteddfod, a national festival of traditional poetry and music, with a competition for the best new poem in Welsh.

St. Valentine`s day is celebrated on the 14th of February. All teenagers and many other adults wait for red-letters from their sweethearts girlfriends or boyfriends.Many red-letters are anonymous. They usually write for the most beloved people. This holiday is near 6 centuries old. On the legend, all birds choose a pair in this day. Valentine`s day is a very famous custom.

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