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III. Complete the following sentences according to the contents of the text.

1. The Induction Motor is …….. of electric motors and is more extensively applied in industry than any other type.

2. The purpose of this winding is …….. for variation in the amount of resistance included in the rotor circuit.

3. The effect of …. is the same as would result from actual revolution of a stator having direct-current poles.

IV. Answer the following questions:

1. What parts does the induction motor consist of?

2. What are the names of its rotating and stationary parts?

3. What does the motor operation depend on?

4. How can the difference between stator and rotor construction be explained?

5. What does the term «revolving field» mean?

V. Translate the sentences from the text paying attention to the Nominative Absolute Participle Constructions:

1. The induction motor is made in two forms – the squirrel cage and the wound rotor, the difference being in the construction of the rotor.

2. The stator of the induction motor has practically the same slot and winding arrangement as the alternator and has the coils arranged to form a definite number of poles, the number of poles being a determining factor in connection with the speed at which the motor will operate.

3. There being no electrical connection between the rotor circuits of the induction motor and the stator circuits, or supply line, the currents which flow in the rotor bars or windings correspond to the induced voltages, the action being similar to that of a transformer with a movable secondary.

VI. Discuss the following points:

1) The construction of an induction motor;

2) Induction motor operation principle.


I. Read the text.

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