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Use words and word combinations from the list to fill in the gaps.

a) took for granted; b) on the contrary; c) incentives; d) team; e) job rotation

1. When Nick started working for our company he thought that good wage and labour security are the most important ____. But later he realized that he was mistaken.

2. The manager of the company was so proud of himself that he always ____ benefits ____.

3. Some employers use ____ because they think that doing four jobs a day is better than doing only one.

4. Workers do their job better if they are given some responsibilities not as to individuals but as to the part of a ____.

5. “Motivators”, _____, include things such as having a challenging and interesting job.


Find in the text the terms that match to the following definitions.

a) interaction between employers and employees, or managers and workers;

b) knowing that there is little risk of losing one’s employment;

c) money paid (per hour or day or week) to manual workers;

d) advantages that come with a job, apart from pay;

e) things that encourage people to do something;

f) to be raised to a higher rank or better job;

g) without any particular abilities acquired by training;

h) regular switching between different tasks;

i) a company shared attitudes, beliefs, practices and work relationships;

j) demanding or stimulating.


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