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Language in action. Language as a system.

Stylistic closely relatives with speech and language(as a system). The idea of language was involved by Ferdenand de Sodeir. The subject matter of linguistic is language as a system. All rules and pattens of language which are collected generalized in books of phonetics, lexicology etc. Rules appear in action It’s called rules in English. It’s possible to say following Screbnev the language is a system of humanity. Speech a source. Speech is creative, fresh and unpredictable. A linguistic unit or item is an element of language as a system may assume a association of value when it appears in a context. Moreover it’s comment by linguistic rules in speech. EX. The headline of an article devoted to jubilee of queen’s mother. The smashingest birthday of a queen. IT contain logical incomparable notions (ex. hating love).

As specific sphere as a system are mentally associated with this sphere. EX. jobless (we use unemployment) EX.Fuel (nопливо - сущ, заправлять топливом - гл. но есть еще значение to make smt unpleasant pleased) Deviations (отклонения) of norm. To spot them implies (подразумивает) different variations.It’s a knowledge abstract universal norm. There are different norms of styles of language. Galperin said the notion of a norm mainly refers to a literally standard as a received standard. Which apposed to low-colloquial usage. Skrebnev holds the vies that there are different view of various types of language. Westen linguist say that the norm is the same as nutrality. Moreover there is opinion. What is stylistically colored and conspicues is departure of a language. The answer is deviation of stylistic characters are not deviation of foregrounded(выдвигаемый на передний план) natural language usage.


The problem of stylistic difference of english vocabulary.

The matter is that it accompanied by literary layer. The spoken character is called the colloquial lair. It consist of the words which consist universal character. Special literally vocabulary can be sub-divided into 5 groups:

1. Terms.

2. archaic (архаичные) and historical words.

3. Poeticisms and highly literally words.

4. Barbarism (слова иностран. происхождения)

5. Literally coinage (литературный неологизм) nonce words.


The colloquial lair is in common colloquial lair(CCL) and special colloquial vocabulary (SCV)

It can be sub-divided into 6 groups:




4.vulgar words

5.dialoged words

6.colloquial coinagas (диалекты)


Neutral words form Standard english vocabulary.

Neutral words - the words of these have universal character. There are the main source of policyme and synonym. Not to change. They have no stylistic coloring. But in some cases context make acquire stylistic coloring.

Rather stable bookish character. In the speech of personages fiction they may serve to characterize the person through his or her speech.


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