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Intonation and non-verbal means of communication.

In oral communication non-verbal means are very important.

When we communicate we choose appropriate language means to convey the message but at the same time our verbal message is accompanied by a non-verbal display. It’s believed that 25% of communication is conveyed by non-verbal means.

The non-verbal means:

- facial expressions

- gestures

- postures

Our faces can demonstrate a wide range of expressions, especially when our speech is emotionally colored:

the widening of the eyes. | interest and

the parting of the lips | excitement

Gestures involve the movements of the eyes, foot, arms, head.

By postures we mean special SOMETHING of the body.

These signals are called kinesic means. There is a special discipline – kinesics, which studies body language. There’s proximics (a branch) which studies the distance between communication.

Kinesic means

conscious unconscious

imbalance with intonation and other language means may compencate them


Falling tone is often accompanied with a nod. But: silence (finger crossing the lips).

More commonly kinesic means intensify information conveyed by intonation.

A smile generally intensify positive feelings.

In public speaking it’s very important.

1) it’s recommended to control your body language and to use it appropriately.

2) there are certain gestures that are typical of certain cultures:

Asian cultures suppress facial expressions.

British research the meaning of the head toss:

1) “come on”

2) antagonism

3) superiority

4) quarrying (queering?)

5) solution

6) rejection

7) direction

Сев. Европа – нет

Italy – other

Conclusion: being aware of non-verbal means.

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