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Exercise 16, Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with set expressions.)

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1. I trust you to tell me __ bare truth, whatever it is. (Snow) 2. The maid, looking to right and left, spoke in __ low and hurried voice. (Galsworthy) 3. On his trip round __ world with Fleur he had often put his nose out and watched the dancing on — deck. (Galsworthy) 4. He decided that he would not at __ present explain to her who he was. (Bennett) 5. I saw __ good deal of him during __ war. (Snow) 6. He has taken his death very much to __ heart indeed. (Collins) 7. What did her education and her accomplishments amount to? She could keep __ house. (Bennett) 8. AH seemed perfectly at their ease, by no means in __ hurry. (Dickens) 9. Somebody important must have been arriving from Europe by __ air... (Greene) 10. Am I dealing, young people, with __ case of __ love at __ first sight? (Galsworthy) 11. We've had some tea already on __ board __ yacht. (Shaw) 12. Rosa was well aware that she had never taken __ trouble to get to know Annette. (Murdoch) 13. You will go to _ sea and forget ail about me in __ month. (Galsworthy) 14. He was about to start on __ long journey, __ difficult one, by __ sea, and no soul would know where he was gone. (Eliot) 15. It is __ pleasure to see you. (Galsworthy) 16. He held __ very guarded conversation with her on his way home, for fear that she would take __ additional offence. Argument was out of __ question. (Dreiser) 17. On __ other hand, if he was beaten he took it with complete good humour. (Maugham) 18. He is beginning to lose __ heart, they say. (Reade) 19. She burned like __ fire from __ head to __ foot. (Hardy) 20. I got into conversation with him by __ chance at __ concert. (Shaw) 21. She's taken quite __ fancy to you, Ridgeon. (Shaw) 22. __ furniture was all sent round by __ water. (Austen) 23. I returned at once, and found Ada sitting at __ work by __ fireside. (Dickens) 24. He played __ flute. (Miller) 25. Somewhere __ great many men were singing. (Greene) 26. He was chronically in __ debt... (Snow) 27. __ woman I fixed my eye on was __ woman who kept __ house for me at my cottage. (Collins) 28. It is __ pity to worry her if she has __ talent for __ uneasiness. (Galsworthy) 29. He has given __ permission to go up and see her there. (Priestley) 30. Behind __ house was __ large garden, and in summer, __ pupils almost lived out of __ doors. (Ch. Bronte) 31. __ rain had stopped, and we went on __ foot to __ Ebury Street. (Snow) 32. They started at __ dawn, and __ boy I sent with them didn't come back till next day. (Maugham) 33. On being informed... that her departure would be delayed... she had flown into __ violent passion. (Collins) 34. All of __ sudden, his face had become stony. (Snow) 35. Dear, dear! It seems only __ other day since I took you down to school at Sloughl (Galsworthy) 36. Mr. Byron Waller could play __ violin. (Lee)



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