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Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Exercise 18. Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with predicative nouns and nouns in apposition.)

1. Ostrovsky commenced __ clerk in __ Moscow Commercial Court. 2. Selina, __ daughter of __ Paddocks, had been surprised that afternoon by receiving __ letter from her once intended husband. (Hardy) 3. My father became __ rector of Burnmore when I was nine. (Wells) 4. Cashel was to go to sea, so that if his affairs became desperate, he could at least turn __ pirate. (Shaw) 5. He was __ particular friend of Sir John's (Austen). 6. You are not __ person you claim to be. (Dickens) 7. His money was __ money I brought him as my marriage portion. (Shaw) 8. That meeting had occurred at __ house of __ high official of __ British Museum, __ scholar with whom Arthur was on friendly terms. (Bennett) 9. Mrs. Patterson, __ lymphatic woman, was holding her son Jim by __ hand. (Lindsay) 10. __ trained diplomat and statesman as he was, his- stern aristocratic face was upside down with __ fury. (Leacock) 11. I am not __ good fisherman myself. (Jerome K. Jerome) 12. Ever since then I haven't been able to suppress — gnawing thoughts in my mind. I'm not strong enough to suppress them. I'm too weak. I'm not __ man enough. (Caldwell) 13. You were __ dear little girl; I see it now, looking back. But not __ little girl I had in my mind. (Jerome K. Jerome) 14. He looked thin, and yellow as __ guinea, and he had turned __ miser. (Reade) 15. You should have been __ woman enough to control yourself. (Hardy) 16. Martha, who was __ poor apprentice at __ milliner's, then told them what kind of __ work she had to do. (Dickens) 17. What __ charming house you have, Lady Chiltern! (Wilde) 18. I am Anthony Anderron, __ man you want. (Shaw) 19. Only, his forehead and mouth betray an extraordinary steadfastness; and his eyes are __ eyes of __ fanatic. (Shaw) 20. He had just been appointed __ Lord Justice of appeal. (Snow) 21. His clothes are not __ clothes, nor his anxious wife __ wife of __ prosperous man. (Shaw) 22.-1 was __ fool enough to ask her to live here still, and direct __ affairs of __ house for me. (E. Bronte)



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