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Exercise 24. Insert articles where necessary. (Special cases.)

Помощь в написании учебных работ
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Day, night, morning, evening.


1. Outside it was __ night. (Murdoch) 2. It was __ warm summer night. (Snow) 3. __ night outside seemed very quiet. (Greene) 4. It was __ foggy evening in November. (Murdoch) 5. During _ evening we played innumerable games of piquet... (Maugham) 6. It was __ evening, and he was walking across the school grounds on his way home. (Saroyan) 7. He wondered what hour it was. __ sun seemed to indicate __ late morning... (Greene) 8. I think it's going to be __ fine morning, after all. (Shaw) 9. __ morning was cold and sharp and sunny. (Greene) 10. It is __ early morning. (Shaw) 11. We are going to have __ ideal night. (Shaw) 12. __ night being sharp and frosty, we trembled from __ head to __ foot. (Dickens) 13. It was early in __ afternoon. (Murdoch) 14. __ night was __ windy one, with broken clouds drifting swiftly across __ face of __ three-quarter moon. (Conan Doyle) 15. __ night came and he sent his sadness into his sleep. (Saroyan) 16. I was up at six in __ morning. (/. Shaw)17. She has had __ bad night, probably __ rather delirious night. (Shaw) 18. __ machines at __ factory were in perpetual motion __ day and __ night. (Murdoch) 19. Arthur did not pass __ sleepless night; he slept long and well, for __ sleep comes to __ perplexed, if __ perplexed are only weary enough. (Eliot) 20. It was about ten o'clock at __ night. (Maugham) 21. __ fine September afternoon was dying fast. (Galsworthy) 22. I persuaded him to stay __ night with me, and I put him into my own bed. (Maugham) 23. It was __ morning after Roger had talked to me in __ Park, and Margaret and I were sitting at breakfast. (Snow) 24. __ day was by This time approaching; __ West was dim, __ East beginning to gleam. (Ch. Bronte) 25. On __ bright January morning __ telephones kept ringing in my office. (Snow) 26. I cannot describe to you __ intense silence of __ night. (Maugham) 27. I shall not forget __ evening I spent with him. I had not intended to stay more than __ hour, but he insisted that I should spend __ night. (Maugham) 28. He painted and he read, and in ^ _ evening, when it was dark, they sat together on __ veranda, smoking and looking at __ night. (Maugham) 29. It was as lovely __ morning as one could desire. (Jerome K. Jerome) 30. It was __ glorious night. __ moon had sunk, and left __ quiet earth alone with __ stars. (Jerome K. Jerome) 31. Nell dropped __ curtsey, and told him they were __ poor travellers who sought __ shelter for __ night. __ schoolmaster told them that they were welcome to remain under his roof till __ morning. (Dickens) 32. Every day I was up at __ dawn, clearing, planting, working on my house, and at — night when I threw myself on my bed it was to sleep like.— log till __ morning. (Maugham)



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