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Exercise 17. Comment on the meaning of modal verbs. Translate into Russian.

1. On the fourth day, feeling that she could bean the suspense no longer, she telephoned to Fleur and asked if she might come up to them. (Galsworthy) 2. I should be grateful if you would keep your hands off my business in future. (Murdoch) 3, You know you didn't dare give the order to charge the bridge until you saw us on the other side. (Shaw) 4. Mitch Poker shouldn't be played in a house with women. (Tennessee Williams) 5. They didn't have to worry about money. (Mansfield) 6. Although his residence and his family were in the country... he was frequently to be found about the restaurants and resorts of the radical section of the city. (Dreiser) 7. She would not answer me, of course, but went on cording the crate... And when I thought it was done with, she found a volume slipped under a chair... and she would open up the crate and put it in. (Morgan) 8. "I suppose you know what I've been through since that bag came this morning," said mother. "You might have had some consideration for me. There is simply no excuse for all this..." (Fischer) 9. You need not meet him unless you like. (Shaw) 10. He's... let me see... He can't be more than thirty, dear. (Swinnerton) 11. Mischa followed her, and they were to be seen a moment later in conversation. (Murdoch) 12. Meanwhile, Margaret seemed to hear a Taint knocking, but as no one appeared to hear it, she thought she must be mistaken. (Priestley) 13. And of course you should have introduced us long ago. (Murdoch) 14. I could not, and would not, believe that she was becoming interested in me. That could not be. (Dreiser) 15. Anyhow, Callendar won't hear of you seeing her. (Forster) 16. And here now was this young and promising doctor, who could, if he would, keep her supplied with work, and might even eventually marry her. (Dreiser) 17. Aubrey: What is to be her future? It is in my hands; what am I to do? (Pinero) 18. Your family may object to me; and then it will be all over between us. (Shaw) 19. Rosa reflected, as the train was leaving Naples, that perhaps she ought not to have left Hunter alone. (Murdoch) 20. How dare he speak so to me? (E. Bronte) 21. I need hardly say I would do anything in the world to ensure Gwendolen's happiness. (Wilde) 22. How dare you address me as dear Sir, Sir? How dare you look me in the face and do it, Sir? (Dickens) 23....Mama came down, and in a voice which was both astonished and distraught, exclaimed: "Grandpa is not upstairs. Where can he have gone?" (Cronin) 24. But you might have been firing away at the Australians still if we cavalry fellows hadn't found the ford and got across... (Shaw) 25. You must be dying with curiosity. Take a peep. (Shaw) 26. Madam, may I speak to you a moment? (Mansfield) 27. She gazed at me severely. "You ought to be in at your essay." (Cronin) 28. Christy (interrupting her with an apprehensive glance at the door by which Essie went out): Shi She may hear you. (Shaw) 29. The substance of her observations, along with those of others, is to be found in a series of articles published in a series of screen publications of the time. (Dreiser) 30. But you've got to finish college. We can't get married for a long time. (Carter) 31. Cain said: "I don't have to pay to find that out.. I could have asked anybody at the meeting, and found out." (Carter) 32. Soames would often come down to watch with secret pride the building of the house which was to have been his home. (Galsworthy) 33. Miss Femm opened the door. "I've none of this electric light. I won't have it. You'll have to wait till I've lit the candles." (Priestley) 34. "Well," he [James] said, with a perplexed, nervous emphasis, "I don't see what you want with a tree." "It shall come down to-morrow," said Bosinney. (Galsworthy) 35. "What are we to do?" she gasped. "Can't we stay here? Lock the door?" (Priestley) 36. I felt suddenly dizzy with pain and unable to face whatever scene was to follow. (Murdoch) 37. But Sally, with a towel round her, went down to the water's edge. "You're to come out this minute, Philip," she called, as though he were a small boy under her charge. (Maugham) 38. It seemed like an age, but I suppose the whole thing can't have lasted thirty seconds really. (Forster) 39. "Land ought to be very dear about there," he said. (Galsworthy)



Exercise 18. Insert modal verbs and explain their use (use the contracted forms shan't, won't, shouldn't, wouldn't if necessary). Translate into Russian.

1. You __ have looked lovely in a veil, Aunt Em. Didn't she, Uncle? (Galsworthy) 2. Won't you sit down, Mr. Anderson? I __ have asked you before; but I'm so troubled. (Shaw) 3. I went over to the window....The pavements were damp and reflected the yellow light. It __ have rained to-day. (Murdoch) 4. "Now please tell me how you are going to celebrate the great event of my having won a scholarship. __ we have a grand sort of schoolroom treat?"... "We certainly will," replied the mother. "You have worked hard and __ have your reward." (contracted) (Meade) 5. "I mean they're sending me to New York for good. To be the head of the New York office." "I don't believe it," Mrs. Smith said... "I simply don't believe it. I think you __ have lost your mind." "It's true," he said,..."I __ to start a week from Saturday." (Benson) 6. There were two letters for him. One from his guardian..., the other irom his sister. The man she was engaged to... was afraid that his leave was going to be curtailed. They would __ to be married at once. They might even __ to get a special licence. (Galsworthy) 7. Pearl: I sent out to the garage and gave instructions that the old Rolls-Royce __ to be taken down at once and the other __ to go to London. (Maugham) 8. "Tootie __ have been in school this year," Mr. Smith said defiantly. "And would have been too, if you hadn't carried on so about her being the baby. She'll __ to start school sometime, you know." (Benson) 9. Hsshl He's still asleep. What __ we to do when he wakes? __ we go up to him and wait for it? (Galsworthy) 10. Let's go over and see old Shropshire. He __ have known your father well, Con. (Galsworthy) 11. "Did you __ to take a cab?" "No... there was nothing much to bring." (Cronin) 12. Mrs. Ferse asked him if he had had dinner, and if he would like to go to bed; and if he would see a doctor; but he __ speak, he sat with his eyes closed. (contracted) (Galsworthy) 13....from time to time he and Esther Norn __ to be seen together. (Dreiser) 14. Paula: Ahl (She sits at the piano and touches the keys.) Lady Orreyed: Oh, yes, do play! That's the only thing I envy you for. Paula: What __ I play? (Pinero) 15. A doctor called in at this late hour...He suggested a nurse, but this Mrs. Widdle, ill as she was, __ not hear of. It would cost so much. (Dreiser) 16. You __ not be so careless with your things. (Gow and D’Usseau) 17. You __ not to tell Dad what I told you, Mother. (Galsworthy) 18....indignation against Martin ran high. No one __ have anything to do with a Socialist traitor. (London) 19. It's all over the town, and __ injure your reputation. (Forster) 20. We __ have children, Gretta — a lot of children. There would be no time to worry about ourselves then. (Caldwell) 21. "O Sue!" he cried, sitting down beside her and taking her hand. "How is this! You couldn't write?" "No, it wasn't thatl" she answered. "I did catch a bad cold — but I could have written. Only I __ I" (contracted) (Hardy) 22. She was always well-dressed and carried herself with an inimitable air that __ have been bora in her. It __ never have been acquired. (Dreiser) 23. To Zedelbush Wolff said, "Go and order your men to drop their arms. They __ to leave the hotel singly and with upraised hands." (Heym) 24. There are some houses there somewhere. We'll ask, they __ have seen him. (Galsworthy) 25. "Well, Annie," he said. "I gave Trask a dollar for his trouble." "You __ not have done that, Father/' Mrs. Smith said. "After all, we do pay him to watch the house." (Benson) 26. On the inland side hills __ to be seen, spotted with olive trees... (Murdoch) 27. " __ I ask," he said..., "what it is that is bothering you, my dear?"(Carter) 28. "I __ be out again directly," he said to the driver, or I __ be kept some time." (Galsworthy) 29. You __ to stay out so late: it makes you fit for nothing, (contracted) (Galsworthy)



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