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Exercise 7. Translate into English using the verbs can, may, mast. (Based on an episode from To Let by J. Galsworthy.)

Сомс остановился перед картиной одного из начинающих xyдожников, с интересом ее рассматривая. «Что бы это могло изображать?» — думал он. «Они могли бы, по крайней мере, сделать надпись. Ах вот, судя по каталогу, это, наверное (должно быть), и есть картина, изображающая „Город будущего". А что значат эти вертикальные черные полосы? Может быть, это самолеты? Джун опять устраивает выставки произведений молодых художников. Она, должно быть, все еще полна иллюзий и думает, что со временем они могут стать знаменитостями. Но где же Флер? Что могло ее задержать? Не могла же она забыть о своем обещании? Да нет, она, наверное, опять пошла к Имоджин Кардиган. Эти женщины! На них никогда нельзя положиться!» Вдруг он заметил даму и юношу. Что-то в ней показалось ему знакомым. Неужели Ирэн? После стольких лет! И она его увидела. В глазах его, должно быть, отразилась саркастическая улыбка Джорджа Форсайта, так как лицо ее приняло жесткое выражение, и она прошла мимо.



Exercise 8. Comment and translate into Russian (to be + infinitive).

1. The typewriter people were again clamoring for money, insistently pointing out that according to the agreement rent was to be paid strictly in advance. (London) 2. By that time of evening only a few persons were to be seen on the wet streets and most of the shops and stores were dark and closed for the night. (Caldwell) 3. "You're to go now, Blick!" said Hunter, getting up. (Murdoch) 4. I distinctly told you to stay with her every minute I was away. You are not to be trusted. (Fischer) 5. It was after breakfast, and we had been summoned in from the playground, when Mr. Sharp entered and said: "David Copperfield is to go into the parlour." (Dickens) 6. Demetrius was nowhere to be found. (Douglas) 7. When my wife and I settle down at Willowmere it's possible that we shall all come together. But if this isn't to be, for Heaven's sake, let us recognise that it is simply because it can't be, and not wear hypocritical faces and suffer and be wretched. (Pinero) 8. The snow which had lain so thick and beautiful when I left the country was scarcely to be seen in the city... (Murdoch) 9. Your mother arranged that she was to come down from London and that I was to come over from Dover to be introduced to you. (Shaw) 10. Mrs. Moore, your delightful doctor has decided on a picnic, instead of a party in his house; we are to meet him out there... (Forster) 11. For June this evening, that was to have been "her treat", was the most miserable she had ever spent. (Galsworthy) 12. Eliza, you are to live here for the next six months, learning, how to speak beautifully, like a lady in a florist's shop. (Shaw)



Exercise 9. Comment and translate into Russian (to have+ infinitive, to be+ infinitive).

1. Blanche: I didn't save a penny last year and so I had to come here for the summer. That's why I have to put up with my sister's husband. And he has to put up with me, apparently so much against his wishes. Surely he must have told you how much he hates me. (Tennessee Williams) 2. "His mother, my dear," said Miss Tox, "whose acquaintance I was to have made through you, does not at all resemble her." (Dickens) 3. I had made arrangements so as not to have to come to the office again for a little while. (Murdoch) 4....I could scarcely repress my curiosity as to the nature of this composition which was to be published, at his request, presumably, by The Banner. (Dreiser) 5. There are some things that have to be said sooner or later, and I'd rather hear them from you than from anybody else. (Caldwell) 6. She [Ellie] begins stroking Mangan's head, reversing the movement with which she put him to sleep. "Wake up, do you hear! You are to wake up at once. Wake up..." (Shaw) 7. "I can't stay in this place any longer!" she cried in utter desperation. We've got to move out of this apartment. (Caldwell) 8. He had been indeed with that luckless expedition of the Chevalier de St. George, who was sent by the French King with ships and an army from Dunkirk, and was to have invaded and conquered Scotland... (Thackeray)



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