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Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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Exercise 20. Point out the attribute and say by what it is expressed.

1. The first day's journey from Gaza to Ascalon was intolerably tedious. (Douglas) 2. What do you say to a stroll through the garden, Mr. Cockane? (Shaw) 3. It was such a cruel thing to have happened to that gentle, helpless creature. (Prichard) 4. He was always the first to enter the dining-room and the last to leave. (Mansfield) 5. Sally hated the idea of borrowing and living on credit. (Prichard) 6. The two men faced each other silently. (Douglas) 7. It was an easy go-as-you-please existence. (Prichard) 8. I am not in the habit of reading other people's letters. (Shaw) 9. He thrust his hands deep into his overcoat pockets. (Galsworthy) 10. It was not a matter to be discussed even with a guide, philosopher and friend so near and trusted as the Professor. (Kahler) 11. Ethel, the youngest, married a good-for-nothing little waiter. (Mansfield) 12 He pointed to a house on a near-by shady knoll. (Douglas) 13. It was just one little sheet of glass between her and the great wet world outside. (Mansfield) 14. She had a pair of immense bare arms to match, and a quantity of mottled hair 'arranged in a sort of bow. (Mansfield) 15. Dicky heard right enough. A clear, ringing little laugh was his only reply. (Mansfield) 16. To think that a man of his abilities would stoop to such a horrible trick as that. (Dreiser) 17. There was a blackbird perched on the cherry-tree, sleek and glistening. (Braine) 18. A middle-aged man carrying a sheaf of cards walked into the room. (Braine) 19. Daniel Quilp began to comprehend the possibility of there being somebody at the door. (Dickens) 20. Still, Pett's happiness or unhappiness is quite a life and death question with us. (Dickens)



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