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Методические подходы к анализу финансового состояния предприятия

Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Exercise 27. Point out what parts are detached and by what they are expressed.

1. Now their laughter joined together, seized each other and held close, harmoniously, intertwined through each other's fabric and substance. (Stone) 2. Huckleberry Finn was there, with his dead cat. (Twain) 3. We reached the station, with only a minute or two to spare. (Collins) 4. Blind and almost senseless, like a bird caught in a snare, he still heard the sharp slam of the door. (Cronin) 5. As he strode along he was conscious, within himself, of a deep, pervading sense of power. (Cronin) 6. With his hands by his sides, he strolled very slowly and inconspicuously, down the border. * (Cronin) 7. One summer, during a brief vacation at Knocke, his visit had come to the notice of Harrington Brande. (Cronin) 8. We are very poor, senor, with many mouths to feed, and these fish would make a good meal for us. (Cronin) 9. Unbelievingly, his eyes fixed, lips tightly compressed, Brande stared at the advancing youth. (Cronin) 10. He remembered her brave and hardy, wjth a small-boned eager face, enriched with weather and living. (Sdnborn) 11. The girls had met and were strolling, arm in arm, through the rose arbor. (Douglas) 12. Stout, middle-aged, full of energy, clad in a grease-stained dark blue print dress... she bustled backwards and forwards from the kitchen to the dining-room. (Prichard) 13. She had become very drab and unattractive, with all the hard work, no doubt. (Prichard) 14. But, for all that, they had a very pleasant walk. (Dickens)



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