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Методические подходы к анализу финансового состояния предприятия

Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Point out all the adverbial modifiers expressed by Predicative Constructions. Translate into Russian.

1. Marcellus strode heavily to and fro before the entrance, his impatience mounting. (Douglas) 2. On her applying to them, reassured by this resemblance, for a direction to Miss Dorrit, they made way for her to enter a dark hall. (Dickens) 3. Well, women's faces have had too much power over me already for me not to fear them. (Hardy) 4. I almost doubt whether I ought not to go a step farther, and burn the letter at once, for fear of its falling into wrong hands. (Collins) 5. Michelangelo went to Jacopo's side, ran his hand carressingly over the sacrophagus, his fingers tracing out in its low relief the funeral procession of fighting men and horses. (Stone) 6. Michelangelo went into the yard and sat in the baking sun with his chin resting on his chest. (Stone) 7. That over, she sat back with a sigh and softly rubbed her knees. (Mansfield) 8. He opened the door for the Senator to precede him. (Douglas) 9. They were returning to Fogarty's; their hands full of flowers. (Prichard) 10. She pressed his hand mutely, her eyes dim. (London) 11. His being an older man, that made it all right. (Warren) 12. On the second of these days Granacci burst into the studio, his usually placid eyes blinking hard. (Stone) 13. He stood beside me in silence, his candle in his hand. (Conan Doyle) 14. In a room within the house, Cowperwood, his coat and vest off, was listening to Aileen's account of her troubles. (Dreiser) 15. There was room enough for me to sit between them, and no more. (Collins)



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