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When the senior class of Gardane School heard that it might not get a new teacher for their elementary school, the pupils wrote to the Minister of Education. They live in or near a village in a mountainous district of Martonia where it is difficult to recruit doctors and teachers. Their request was published in a national paper and has become a common topic of conversation in a country where there is great concern about people leaving rural areas for the cities. This is the letter:

Dear Minister,

We are writing to ask for your help. We need a new teacher for the senior class in our school, and we are worried because our parents have been told that the Ministry cannot find one. Our school is very important to us and we like coming here to learn.

Gardane is a small village. Every visitor from the city says our valley is very beautiful and that we are lucky to live here. So why isn't there a new teacher who wants to come here? We don't mind how old the new teacher is, or whether it's a man or a woman. They should like the country and outdoor life, and be healthy. We would like someone who is patient, happy and does not shout. The teacher should be clever and know how to help us understand things. We'd like our teacher to be properly dressed and to come on time. They should be kind, make us feel happy in the school, and help us make our classroom nice. We would like someone who thinks of exciting things to do, inside and outside school.For example, our last teacher got us to write down the history of the village which our grandparents knew — we didn't realise how much the village had changed; make a nature calendar so we learned more about farming and about the animals and plants in our valley; read all sorts of books and write a newspaper about our village.

If the Ministry does not send us a teacher, we will have to leave our families and our valley to go to school.Please help us!Yours sincerelyThe pupils of Gardane school.

The pupils have not had a reply yet, and so far the Ministry has refused to comment on the situation.

2. The children mention some qualities that their future teacher should possess. Find this extract and read it aloud.

3. Why did children like their last teacher?

4. What will happen if the school doesn't get a new teacher?

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