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There are lots of Christmas traditions in Britain. For example... 3


Barack Obama is the new President (0) D the United States of America. He is the first African-American to win the (21)______for the White House. Obama's charisma, intelligence, and powerful

speeches have made him extremely (22)______with many Americans. He has been very successful

with his message for change.

Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 to a black Kenyan father and white American mother. His parents (23)_____and his mother married an Indonesian man. Barack's family (24)_____


39 Bapia 3

Indonesia in 1967. He (25)________ schools in Jakarta until he was ten years old, when he returned to

Hawaii. Obama (26)__________ in political science and international relations at Columbia University in

New York.

(27)______ four years in New York, Obama moved to Chicago. There, he worked as the director

of a community project from 1985 to 1988. He (28)____________ Harvard Law School and became the first

black president of the Harvard Law Review. Obama (29)_____________ law at the University of Chicago Law

School for twelve years. He became an Illinois Senator in 1996.

Obama was elected to the U. S. (30)___________ in 2004. He became the fifth African-American

Senator in U. S. history. He supported legislation on conservation, energy, immigration and honest

leadership. In November, 2008, he (31)__________ John McCain to become America's 44th President in

a very hard-fought campaign battle. Obama is currently letting Americans know how he will change
America when he (32)___________ President.


  A B C D
0 at on off of
game race match contest
like favoured special popular
divorced parted divided left
left changed moved escaped
go come attended studied
majored liked good interested
Before During After Thereafter
studied learned came entered
had worked described taught
House of Commons House of Lords Senate Supreme Council
defeated won lost vanished
comes to becomes stays stands

41 Bapia 3


Task 1

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (3344). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


The band got together in Dublin, Ireland in 1976. At the (0) beginning (to begin) of the 1980s
they started to have hits in the UK and America. They (33)____________________________ (to appear) in

the Live Aid concert in 1985, and after that they (34)________ (to be) international superstars.

Their album The Joshua Tree came out in 1987, and it spent nine weeks at the top of the American charts. In Britain they sold 250,000 copies in two days. A year later the album Rattle and Hum

(35) __________ (to have) the same success. In the early 1990s they made a series of

(36)______________________ (to interest) and original CDs including Zooropa and Achtung Baby

and continued to sell millions of copies.

Is their music Irish? Not really. Bono is (37)________________________ (to fascinate) by Irish folk

songs, but the band hasn't got an Irish sound. It is sometimes American, sometimes British, sometimes pure U2.

But U2 are rather (38) ______________________ (to differ) from other big rock bands.

For one thing, three of them are Christians and sometimes their concerts have a (39)___________________

(religion) atmosphere. Bono says: We are Christians. But it's a very private thing. We are not

(40)______________________ (comfort) talking about it.

Also, they talk about serious problems. They are great (41)__________________________ (to support)

of Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

The group is well (42)_______________________ (to know) for its political songs. Their message

is peace and understanding. Even the name of the band is about (43)______________________ (to

share) this message with others: U2 also (44)__________________________ (to mean) you too.


Task 2

45 Todd Green has received a letter from Mr Fleming, asking for a reference for Miss Collins who worked for Mr Green's company for two years. She left when she moved house, and she has now applied for a job in Mr Fleming's company. Look at the notes Todd Green has made, then write his letter to Mr Fleming, using the plan below.

Full name:Patricia Collins

Age: 27

Work experience:worked as office manager two years rose to position of a department manager

Qualities: hardworking often worked overtime

responsible always worked well

fast learner quick to learn

polite and helpful

however stubborn at times


Para 1Salutation

Para 2Reason for writing, person's name, age, position in company, reason for leaving Para 3Character, qualities

Para 4General comments about person

Para 5Closing remark

Polite ending {Sincerely yours /Faithfully yours/etc.)

Your signature

Bapia 4 44


Task 1

Read the text below. Match choices (AH) to (15). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

The concept of culture can be defined in many aspects like history and literature, art galleries and museums, food or music and education. It's the way of life of a group of people. This includes the accumulated habits, attitudes, beliefs, customs, arts, food, dress, what they wear, how they govern themselves, rituals, etc. The total set of learned activities that identify the members of a culture group while also distinguishing those of another group.

0 (A) There are estimated 6,400 visitor attractions in the United Kingdom. This includes museums

and galleries like National Gallery and British Museum, historical houses and monuments like Tower of London and Windsor Castle, churches and cathedrals like St Paul's Cathedral and other tourist attractions like London Eye.

1 ( ) The United Kingdom contains some of the world's leading seats of higher education, such as

the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, along with Imperial College, the London School of Economics and University College of the University of London.

2 ( ) The United Kingdom has played a significant role in the development of science. It has

produced innumerable scholars, scientists and engineers including Sir Isaac Newton, Bertrand Russell, Adam Smith, James Clerk Maxwell. The nation is credited with numerous scientific discoveries including hydrogen, oxygen, gravity, the electron, the structure of DNA, human evolution and natural selection and inventions including the chronometer, television, the modern bicycle, the electronic computer and the later development of the World Wide Web.

3 ( ) The United Kingdom has been influential in the development of cinema. Famous films include

the Harry Potter, Star Wars and James Bond series which, although made by American studios, used British source materials, locations, actors and filming crew.

4 ( ) Notable composers from the United Kingdom have included Henry Purcell, Sir Edward Elgar,

Sir Arthur Sullivan. London remains one of the major classical music capitals of the world. The UK was, with the US, one of the two main contributors to the development of rock music, and the UK has provided some of the world's most famous rock bands including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

5 ( ) A number of major sports originated in the United Kingdom, including football, rugby, cricket

and golf. The UK is home to many world-renowned football clubs, such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Liverpool, and Manchester United in England, and Celtic and Rangers in Scotland. British teams are generally successful in European Competitions and several have become European Cup/UEFA Champions League winners: Liverpool (five times), Manchester United (twice), Nottingham Forest (twice), Aston Villa, and Celtic.

A Attractions

B Music

C Drama

D Science

E Cinema

F Literature

G Sport

H Education

45 Bapia 4

Task 2

Read the text below. For statements (610) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


There are lots of Christmas traditions in Britain. For example...

1) London's Christmas decorations.

Every year the people of Norway give the city of London a present. It's a big Christmas tree and it stands in Trafalgar Square. Also in central London, Oxford Street and Regent Street always have beautiful decorations at Christmas. Thousands of people come to look at them.

2) Cards, trees and mistletoe.

In 1846 the first Christmas cards began inBritain. That was five years after the first Christmas tree. Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, brought this German tradition (he was German) to Britain. He and the Queen had a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1841. A few years after, nearly every house in Britain had one. Traditionally people decorate their trees on Christmas Eve that's December 24th. They take down the decorations twelve days later, on Twelfth Night (January 5th).

3) An old tradition is Christmas mistletoe.

People put a piece of this green plant with its white berries over the door. Mistletoe brings good luck, people say. Also, at Christmas people kiss each other under the mistletoe.

4) Christmas carols.

Before Christmas, groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money and sing traditional Christmas songs or carols. There're a lot of very popular British Christmas carols. Three famous ones are: Good King Wenceslas, The Holly and the Ivy and We Three Kings.

5) Christmas Eve.

British children don't open their presents on December 24th. Father Christmas brings their presents at night. Then they open them on the morning of the 25th. There's another name for Father Christmas in Britain Santa Claus. That comes from the European name for him Saint Nicholas. In the traditional story he lives at the North Pole. But now he lives in big shops in towns and cities all over Britain. Well, that's where children see him in November and December. Then on Christmas Eve he visits every house. He climbs down the chimney and leaves lots of presents. Some people leave something for him, too. A glass of wine and some biscuits, for example.

6) Christmas Day.

In Britain the most important meal on December 25th is Christmas dinner. Nearly all Christmas food is traditional, but a lot of the traditions are not very old.

0 Christmas tree that stands in Trafalgar Square is an annual present

from the people of Norway. (T)

6 The first Christmas cards appeared some years before the first Christmas tree. ( )

7 The first British Christmas tree was placed at Windsor Castle in 1841. ( )

8 In Britain people kiss each other under the mistletoe at Christmas. ( )

9 Christmas carols are traditional greeting cards. ( )

10 Santa Claus comes to houses through windows. ( )

Task 3

Read the text below. For questions (11 15) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Maria Montessori lived between 1870 and 1952. She was an Italian educator who has left her mark on education today. Her Montessori method of education is widely used all round the world. Many educationalists say it is the best system for child education. Montessori was also a doctor, philosopher and philanthropist. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times for her work.

Bapia 4 46

Montessori was the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School. She trained as a psychiatrist and was interested in educating the mentally retarded and others with learning difficulties. She had great success when her class of problematic 8-year-olds had above-average scores in state reading and writing tests. This was described as the first Montessori miracle.

Hearing about Maria's achievements, Rome's government asked her to start her own children's school. In 1907, the Casa del Bambini opened in a poor neighbourhood of Rome. Montessori experimented with a philosophy she called spontaneous self-development, which meant letting children develop and learn at their own pace. Her methods once again met with great success. More schools opened and she gained worldwide fame.

Montessori was exiled from Italy because she refused to allow her schools to turn children into soldiers. She lived in Spain until the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936. In 1939 she moved to India and spent ten years working on training courses, which are still seen as innovative today. She travelled around the world lecturing until her death in 1952.

0 Maria Montessori is famous for...

A developing an original teaching method.

B creating a unique system of medical treatment.

C winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

D contribution into charity.

11 Which of the following was not Maria Montessori's occupation?
A doctor

B educationalist C philosopher D scientist

12 Montessori was the first woman to...
A teach children.

B be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

C receive a University of Rome Medical School diploma.

D study at University of Rome Medical School.

13 What phenomena was described as the first Montessori miracle?
A Educating the mentally retarded children.

B Teaching children with learning difficulties.

C Achieving above-average test results from the class of problematic children.

D Teaching 8-year-olds to read and write.

14 What does the method of spontaneous self-development mean?
A Letting children develop and learn at their own tempo.

B Letting children develop and learn at their own programme. C Letting children develop and learn at their own homes. D Letting children develop and learn on their own.

15 Why was Montessori exiled from Italy?

A Her method turned out to be not really good.

B She didn't let her schools to turn children into soldiers.

C She worked on training courses all over the world.

D She preferred to live in Spain.

47 Bapia 4

Task 4

Read the text below. Match paragraphs (AH) to (1620). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

A Book Title:The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Book Author:John Boyne Genre:A short story

Quick Synopsis:Little Bruno returns home one day to find that he and his family must leave home, to live near the fence. There's a whole other world beyond that fence, but he must never go beyond it.

What was right with it?:It was a good portrayal of certain events from a child's perspective. Very quick read (seriously, you could be done with it in a couple of hours), but the mystery was good. Brilliant ending. Easy to read, gets the author's message across easily.

What was wrong with it?:After having read it, you can see certain flaws in the author's writing.

B Book title:Want to Play? in the UK, Monkeewrench in the US

Book author:PJ Tracy (that's PJ and Tracy Lambrecht, a mother and daughter writing team,

who write under the name PJ Tracy)

Genre:Crime thriller

Quick synopsis:In Minneapolis, a group of people called Monkeewrench (a software company)

start making a game about catching a serial killer. These people obviously have something to hide

or run away from: why else would they all carry guns constantly? Someone starts repeating the

murders in real life...

What was right with it?:It was very fast-paced, the action was good, the characters incredible.

What was wrong with it?:Very, very little.

C Book Title:Keeping You a Secret Book Author:Julie Ann Peters Genre: Teen romances

Quick Synopsis:Holland was doing well in school, had a boyfriend who she'd had for some time; she was also Student Council President and had a chance to go to the college (university) of her choice. Then, Cece starts learning at her school. They develop huge feelings for each other. They are very scared about how others are going to see their relationship.

What was right with it?: Itgives a good portrayal of how some people would react to someone coming out and most of the time, your heart goes out to them and you have nothing but sympathy for them both.

What was wrong with it?: Itis sometimes predictable, and you can sort of guess in a way what's going to happen next.

D Book Title:Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Author:J. K.Rowling Genre:Fantasy

Quick Synopsis:Follows a fifteen-year-old boy who is an orphaned wizard. Wizarding world does not believe him when he says that his foe, Lord Voldemort, is back from his disappearance, fourteen years ago when Harry defied the Lord's killing curse.

What was right with it?:Very interesting, longest of Rowling's works, well-written, good pace of story.

What was wrong with it?:For some they would love such a long adventure (800 pgs. +) while others would lose interest before finishing.

Bapia 4 48

E Book Title:Haunted

Book Author:James Herbert


Quick Synopsis:It follows the story of a guy called David Ash, who specialises in the paranormal.

He is called to this old, big house called Edbrook to try and solve the weird goings-on in there.

What was right with it?:It's one of those books that you just can't put down. You are very cleverly

convinced into believing you are David Ash, though through the book, you are given information

that he wouldn't know. It's scary, and does everything that you would come to expect from James


What was wrong with it?:Compared to other books by Herbert, it's quite short. I felt that he

could have taken some areas into more detail, and at times, you were practically begging him

to. The horror is very graphic too, which although you expect, it possibly oversteps the mark


F Book Title:Summer Sisters Book Author:Judy Blume Genre:Young adult/older teen

Quick Synopsis:Another good example of where Judy Blume has ventured into the older reader market. This book picks up the life of Vix, a typical teen in an American school her family life is somewhat messed up, with health problems, and she is always being asked to help out, not that she minds.

What was right with it?:Some of the scenes are very charming; the book often leaves you smiling, because you can relate to many things. What was wrong with it?:The ending leaves you asking many questions.

G Book Title:The Time Traveller's Wife Book Author:Audrey Niffenegger Genre:Sci-fi/romantic

Quick Synopsis:It's a story about a couple called Clare and Henry. They have known each other since Clare was 6 and Henry was 36. They married when Clare was 22 and Henry was 30. Impossible? No, as Henry is one of the first people to contract Chrono Displacement Disorder every now and then, his genetic clock resets and he finds himself dragged into the past or future. The story can be harrowing and at other times funny! The story looks at the couple's relationship, enduring this issue, and their love for each other.

What was right with it?:It's funny, romantic, scary and amusing all at once. What was wrong with it?:At times, the sadness becomes a little overpowering, although this doesn't distract from the book overall. You may be tempted to skip a few paragraphs if you're not up to the emotions, although that would be a shame.

H Book Title: Mrs Dalloway

Book Author: Virginia Woolf

Genre: General/historical snapshot

Quick Synopsis: Writtenin 1925,it follows a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, who is married to an MP, living in London. The day is in June 1923, Clarissa is having a party in the evening, and the story follows obvious links with Clarissa and a Septimus Warren Smith. Initially, there seems nothing but London that links them both, she is wealthy and middle-aged, he is young and poor, hating everyone.

What was right with it?:Experimental, as this book is written in the style of stream of consciousness. The language used is lyrical and fascinating. Having no chapters, it streams from one thought to another, keeping you gripped and interested in her day.

What was wrong with it?:Compared to many books, this is not an easy read. If you're not used to the style, it will take a little time to get used to.

49 Bapia 4

0 A teenage story leaving the reader with many questions (F)

16 An exciting fantasy telling about a teen wizard. ( )

17 For fans of the genre of horror. ( )

18 The action in this book takes place in the British capital. ( )

19 A short fast-moving criminal story. ( )

20 A predictable love story. ( )

Task 5

Read the text below. For questions (21 32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


(0) D Scotland it is only 2.5 hours by (21)______ , or less than an hour by plane, to Northern Ireland. The area of Northern Ireland is (22)_______________________ , you can get anywhere in less than 2.5 hours. The two main cities are Belfast, the (23)__________________________ , and Londonderry. You will (24) think of the Northern Irish as an unfortunate people, divided by race, religion and history. But you'll be pleasantly (25) at how warm and friendly they are. Belfast has many fine buildings and all the (26) of a big city. Londonderry, or Derry as it's also called, is a fine, old city, full of history. Bellycastle is (27) of the lovely bustling market towns.

But perhaps the greatest appeal of Northern Ireland is its scenery. Its lakes, hills and rural (28) offer peace and quiet despite its troubles.

There are lots of ways of taking (29)______ of all this fine scenery.

Don't worry, there are excellent opportunities for (30)___ energetic pursuits. The coastline is magnificent. On the north-east coast there is The Giant's Causeway.

The (31)__________ has it that it's the remains of a road built by a giant to cross the sea to Scotland, and nearby is the organ that he played. Just along the (32)_____________________ is Dunluce Castle, a romantic ruin that merges with the cliffs. You may have noticed other castles on our journey every corner of Britain has them, with, of course, their ghosts. But there's also a building that is not a castle it's the Bushmill's Distillery, where Irish whiskey is made.



  A B C D  
0 At On Till From  
train ferry foot bike  
huge enormous bit small'  
capital suburb country town  
sure certain probably may  
amazing astonishment surprised pleased  
amenities buildings sights shops  
emblematic standardised typical conventional  
geography topography territory landscapes  
help improvement plus advantage  
fewer little less lesser  
legend romance fiction sketch  
bank coast side sands  


51 Bapia 4


Task 1

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (3344). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


In 1937 the McDonalds brothers, Dick and Mack, (0) opened (to open) a little drive-in restaurant in Pasadena, California. They served hot dogs and milk shakes there.

In 1945 they had 20 waiters and all the teenagers in town (33)______________________(to eat)

hamburgers at McDonald's.

In 1948 they already (34)_________________(to get) paper boxes and bags for the hamburgers.

They put the price down from 30 cents to 15 cents. They (35)______________________(to cut) the

menu down from 25 things to 9. There are no more (36)______________________(to wait) it is

self-service. So it is cheaper and (37)______________________(fast). And they have windows all

around the kitchen so everyone can see it's clean. Parents started (38)_______________________

(to bring) their children to the restaurant. Poor families ate at McDonald's for the first time.

The idea of simple, fast, but (39) ______________________ (taste) food appeared to be

(40)______________________(to succeed), and in the 1960s the McDonald's company opens hundreds of restaurants all over the States. In the 1970s they opened restaurants abroad: in Japan, Germany and Australia.

At present the McDonald's company (41)______________________(to open) a new restaurant

every 8 hours! There are (42) ______________________(many) than 30,000 restaurants in over

90 countries. The (43)______________________(large) restaurant is in Beijing in China and the

smallest in Ginza, Tokyo. The northernmost restaurant is in Fairbank, Alaska and the southernmost is in Gibson, New Zealand.

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