5 :


. . .


D Duke of Leinster Hotel

20 Leinster Gardens



W2 3AH


Type of accommodation:Hotel

Duke of Leinster is an elegant three star hotel situated in the heart of London. As befits a hotel

of such unique character, each of its 36 guest rooms is individually furnished and decorated,

recently refurbished to a high standard with comfort in mind, and all rooms feature the most

up-to-date facilities, including a hairdryer, a safe box, a welcome tray, a telephone with modem

connection, satellite television and a minirefrigerator.

5 58

E Thistle Kensington Gardens

104 Bayswater Rd

W2 3HL


Type of accommodation: Hotel

Located on tree-lined Bayswater Road, this modern hotel overlooks Hyde Park. It is ideally

situated for exploring the capital. Facilities offered: dry cleaning/laundry service, internet access, lounge/bar, meeting facilities, restaurant, nearest underground station: Queensway.

F Days Inn London Gateway

Ml Motorway

Mill Hill



Type of accommodation: Holiday inn

Situated between Junctions 2 and 4 off the Ml, the Days Inn London Gateway offers easy access

to visit the sights of London. Spacious one-suite rooms, free satellite TV in every room, tea and coffee making facilities, free newspaper, telephone and free parking make Days Inn terrific value. The Days Inn London Gateway also offers an extensive range of food and beverage facilities including a fully licensed bar and restaurant.

G Express by Holiday Inn London Park Royal

275 Old Street

London City



Type of accommodation: Bed and Breakfast

One-suite rooms with power shower, colour television, direct dial telephone and computer points,

complimentary tea/coffee making facilities, hairdryer, all rooms fully air-conditioned, dining facilities, free limited parking.

H Tudor Inn

78 Warwick Way




Type of accommodation: Bed and Breakfast

Our hotel is an elegant 19th century building. Conveniently situated within walking distance

of famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye as well as Westminster

Cathedral. Piccadilly Circus (West End) is also within twenty minutes' walk. All our rooms are

one-suite, well designed and newly decorated with a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance.

Each room has a colour TV, a hairdryer, a free tea/coffee making facilities on request and a direct dial telephone.

0 If you are looking for accommodation outside London, this cottage will be the right

place for you. (C)

16 Among the facilities there's a swimming pool and a gym. ( )

17 This hotel is a bed and breakfast place accommodated in the 19th century building. ( )

18 This hotel personnel speaks a variety of languages. ( )

19 This holiday inn offers tea and coffee making facilities as well as free satellite TV. ( )

20 The central location of this modern hotel is favourable for travelling around London. ( )

59 5 Task 5

Read the text below. For questions (21 32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Two thousand years (0) C the Romans tried to turn this desert into an oasis, a place full of rivers and lakes and canals. The Romans wanted to build big white temples and big houses under the hot sun. They wanted to turn this desert into a new paradise, full of trees and flowers and fields. They planned to (21) their ships across the desert. But they failed. The water in the aqueducts dried up. There is nothing (22) of the Roman canals.

In 1777 a Portuguese (23)________ called Emanuel de Melo Pimento came to this desert with a plan

to turn it into an oasis. At that time in history, everybody was very excited by new (24)___________ in sci
ence and technology and engineering. Emanuel de Melo Pimento was a man of his times, one of the
new scientist-philosopher-engineers who believed that all the problems of people in the world could be

(25)_____ by science and philosophy. He wanted to build a (26)________ new city here, he wanted to build

a completely new country. He wanted to call it Pimentia, named after himself, of (27)______________ .

Emanuel de Melo Pimento had (28)__________ money because a lot of rich people in Portugal and Spain

gave him money to go around the world and explore. These rich people invested in Emanuel de Melo

Pimento's (29)_______ of exploration and discovery. Emanuel de Melo Pimento took their money and

used it not to try and change the surface of the land, like the Romans, but to change what is under the surface of the desert.

Emanuel de Melo Pimento wanted to dig canals under the desert, to make big (30)________________ rivers

where the water would not dry up under the heat of the sun.

He failed, of course. Some of his plans still (31)_______ . They are very beautiful works of art. But

not one of his plans was ever completed they needed too much money, more money than even the

rich people in Portugal and Spain gave to Emanuel de Melo Pimento. (32)_______________ , Emanuel de Melo

Pimento spent all the money on building beautiful buildings where he could live and dream of his
new city.


  A B C D  
0 after before ago since  
ride drive push sail  
left stayed stand kept  
adventure travelling tourist explorer  
developing ventures discoveries devices-  
solved fixed made created  
completely quiet finally entire  
certain sure right course  
many a lot of few crowds of  
excursions tours journeys visits  
soil ground over ground underground  
survive carry on alive perish  
Besides Instead Moreover Such as  

61 5


Task 1

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (3344). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Alfred Nobel, the man who invented deadly explosives, decided to try and do something good with all the money he earned, and (0) gave (to give) prizes to people who made progress in literature, science, economics and perhaps most importantly peace. Not all awards are as noble as Nobel's. Even though most countries have a system for

(33)______________________ (to honour) and rewarding people who have done something good in

their countries, there are now hundreds of awards and award ceremonies for all kinds of things.

The Oscars are probably the most (34)_____________ (fame), a time for the American film industry

to tell itself how good it is, an annual opportunity for lots of big stars to give each other awards and make tearful speeches. As well as that there are also the Golden Globes, apparently for the same thing.

But it's not only films now there (35)______________ (to be) also Grammies, Brits, the Mercury Prize

and the MTV and Q awards for music.

Awards don't only exist for the arts. There are now awards for Sports Personality of the Year, for European Footballer of the year and World Footballer of the Year. This seems very strange

sometimes awards can be good to give (36) _________________________ (to recognize) to people

who deserve it, or to help people who don't make a lot of money carry on their work without

(37)________________ (to worry) about finances.

Why have all these awards and ceremonies appeared recently? Shakespeare never (38)___________________

(to win) a prize, nor did Leonardo da Vinci or Adam Smith or Charles Dickens.

It would be possible to say, however, that in the past, scientists and (39)_______________ (art) could

win patronage from rich people a king or a lord would give the artist or scientist money to have them paint their palaces or help them develop new ways of making money. With the change in social

systems across the world, this no longer (40)_________________________ (to happen). A lot of scientific

research is now either funded by the state or by private companies. Perhaps award ceremonies are just the most recent face of this process.

However, there is more to it than that. When a film wins an Oscar, many more people go and see

it, or buy the DVD. When a writer wins the Nobel prize, many more people (41)____________________ __ (to

buy) his books. When a groups win the MTV awards, the ceremony (42)_________________________ (to see) by

hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The result? The group sells lots more records.

Most awards ceremonies (43)_________________ (to sponsor) by big organizations or companies. This

means that it is not only the person who (44)__________ (to win) the award who benefits but also the

sponsors. The MTV awards, for example, are great for publicising not only music, but also MTV itself!


Task 2

45 Imagine that your school magazine has asked its readers to submit articles entitled What Kind of Life Can a Child Born in the Year 2050 Expect? Write your article using the plan below. Do not forget to use appropriate language to express your opinion (/ think, I believe, in my opinion, furthermore, moreover etc.). The beginning and ending have been written for you.



Para 1:How will a 1 7-year-old boy /girl feel if he found himself/herself in the year 2067?

Main body

Para 2:State positive prediction and reason (e. g. health longer lives; space travel improve travel to Venice on holiday etc.).

Para 3:State negative prediction and reason (e. g. food in pills, relationship fewer

friends etc.).


Para 4:In general, whatever the future brings, I believe that people's life will be quite different from the style of life we have in our time.



6 64


Task 1

Read the text below. Match choices (AH) to (15). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


0 (D) In the 1800s the use of electricity was expanding. Scientists continued to learn about how

electricity works. They also learned how to make electricity with an electrical generator. The type of generator that came into widest use was invented by Nikola Tesla, an immigrant from Croatia. In the 1890s his generators began to harness the power of Niagara Falls to create cheap electricity. The inventor who made widest use of electricity was Thomas Edison. In 1876 Edison set up his own barnlike workshop in the town of Menlo Park, New Jersey. There he thought up hundreds of ways to use electricity.

1 ( ) First a newsboy and then a telegraph operator, Edison wanted to invent practical things.

Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent, he said. During one five-year period he

took out a new patent almost every month.

His greatest invention was the light bulb (1879). By 1882 some New York City buildings

were glowing with electric light. Electric lighting replaced gas lights so quickly that in 1899

Edison's factory produced 25 million light bulbs.

Edison helped shape life in the 1900s with his many inventions. He developed the dictating

machine, motion-picture camera, and phonograph.

2( ) Bell showed the new invention in 1876. A New York Tribune reporter said about it: The telephone is a curious device that might fairly find place in the magic of The Arabian Tales. Of what use is such an invention?

People quickly realized the answer to that question. In 1877 telephone lines connected Boston and Salem in Massachusetts. By the 1890s many other American cities were connected by longdistance telephone lines.

3 ( ) Inventors before him had created sewing machines, but Singer invented one that was easy to

use. In a time before clothing stores were common, Singer's sewing machine saved hours of labour for tailors and for those who made clothes at home. Singer soon had a thriving sewing machine company in New York City. At $110, however, Singer's machine was too expensive for an average American. Many families only made $500 a year. The company set up ways for people to buy the machine by paying small amounts over a period of time an idea that other companies quickly copied.

4 ( ) The telegram was invented in 1844, but for years, no one thought the invention had any future.

Then in 1853, two criminals, Oliver Martin and Fiddler Dick, tried to escape by jumping on the London Slough train. The London police cabled their colleagues in Slough; the result was a prompt arrest and triumphant headlines ensuring the success of the new technology. The British police used it so often that they got their own special telegram address: Handcuffs, London.

5 ( ) Originally noticed by a French medical student, Ernest Duchesne, in 1896, penicillin was re-

discovered by the bacteriologist Alexander Fleming working at St Mary's Hospital in London
in 1928. He found that it killed bacteria. Doctors used it to fight many diseases such as
diphtheria, meningitis and pneumonia.

65 6

Naming the substance penicillin, Dr Fleming in 1929 published the results of his investigations, noting that his discovery might have therapeutic value if it could be produced in quantity.

A Inventions of Scottish scientists

B Invention helps the police

C Edison's invention projects

D Inventions in electricity

E Innovation by Isaac Merit Singer

F Invention of the telephone

G The first television

H Important discovery in medicine


Task 2

Read the text below. For statements (610) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


We all have suffered through debates that go nowhere. Often the problem is that everyone is talking and nobody is listening. Other times, people forget the issue at hand and start bringing up other issues. Respecting a few basic rules listed below can help prevent these problems.

1) Do not interrupt someone else who is speaking.

2) Everyone must have a chance to give his or her opinions.

3) Listen to what others are saying.

4) Sometimes we stop listening to someone because we think we know what that person is going to
say. This shows a lack of respect for that person.

5) Stick to the topic. In formal debates, the topic for debate is explained in advance. Everyone
must then speak only to that topic. In informal debates, we often lose track of the topic. It is tempting
to criticize people personally rather than criticize their arguments.

These rules may sound simple. Yet when emotions run high obeying them can be terribly difficult even for people in high office. In the debate over slavery in the southern territories Congressman Preston Brooks flew into a rage and attacked Senator Charles Sumner with a cane after Sumner gave an antislavery speech.

0 One of the most typical problems of misunderstanding is inability

to listen to each other. (T)

6 Sometimes during the debates people don't keep to the topic. ( )

7 Interrupting your opponent is a normal practice during the debates. ( )

8 People can have different opinions. ( )

9 When we stop listening to someone, it doesn't mean we don't respect that person. ( )

10 You can change the topic during the discussion. ( )

Task 3

Read the text below. For questions (11 15) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

It seems fewer and fewer young people are interested in playing sport or getting involved in other physical activities and there's a battery of excuses for avoiding it. It's true the thought of exercise

6 66

doesn't make everyone jump for joy, but no one was born with a rubbish-at-sport gene so, howev hopeless you think you are, there's an activity out there to suit you.

The excuses for avoiding sport and fitness are as follows:

It's not cool. Try telling David Beckham, Andy Murray and Ellen MacArthur. All right, we can't all reach the very top, but we can all get a lot out of being fitter. People who tell you it's not cool are usually the ones who couldn't run to catch a bus if their lives depended on it.

None of my friends or family does it. Be a pioneer. They might be inspired by your example If your friends and family make fun of fit folk it might actually be because they're jealous.

It's a boy thing. It's true, more boys than girls do exercise, but that's not because girls are not good at sport. Many girls don't find the activities at school suit them, but there are things to try out side school, such as dance or martial arts.

It's sore/uncomfortable/sweaty . It should never be sore for long, or uncomfortable, and feeling a bit stiff after activity is natural. Yes, activity does make you sweat, but if you're enjoying yourself, you probably won't notice and everyone else gets sweaty too.

I don't want muscles. Being fit and having bulging muscles don't necessarily go together. To get big muscles you have to do a programme of specific exercises.

I'm overweight/skinny/have a disability. Don't worry about what you think you look like get in there and enjoy yourself. If you're genuinely very overweight, not just a stone or less, talk to your doctor and tell him what you want to do. If you've got a disability, don't let yourself be cut out of the action getting fit benefits everyone.

I don't like joining teams. Fine. If teams leave you cold, check out activities you can do by yourself or with a friend.

I'd rather play with the computer or watch TV or talk to my mates. It doesn't have to be either or you can do both.

Once you've got over worrying about looking silly or getting sweaty, think about all the positive reasons for being physically active.

Apart from the health benefits people of all ages get from exercise, it's also an opportunity to meet up with friends or make new ones, it can provide a fun break from the stresses of school and exams, and it can give you a real sense of achievement you might discover a talent you never knew you had.

0 What is the main idea of the text?

A There are some reasonable excuses for not going in for sports or do fitness. B One shouldn't look for excuses for not going in for sports or do fitness. C Most young people are physically active. D Very few young people exercise regularly.

11 Sport and physical activity...

A is becoming more and more popular among young people. B is becoming less and less popular among young people. C is good only for those with a rubbish-at-sport gene. D makes everyone jump for joy.

12 What is advice for those whose friends or family doesn't do any sport?
A Encourage friends with your example.

B Make fun of fitness together with your friends and family. C Leave alone the idea of sport and physical activity. D Be jealous of those who are fit.

13 Which of the following is true?

A The girls are usually no good at sports.

B Sport is generally rather uncomfortable.

C One never feels stiff after physical activity.

D Pleasure from sport can minimize or eliminate any discomfort.

67 6

14 Getting fit...

A doesn't benefit you if you're overweight.

B isn't very useful for unable people.

C is generally a team activity.

D is good for everyone.

15 Exercises can not help in...
A health improvement.

B meeting friends.

C having good academic results.

D having a fun break from the stresses of school and exams.

Task 4

Read the text below. Match paragraphs (AH) to (1620). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


A The Liberty Bell is one of America's most enduring symbols of freedom. It was rung on July 8 in 1776, to celebrate Congress's adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is inscribed with the words from the Bible, Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.

The Liberty Bell, first made in England and weighing over 2,000 pounds, was shipped to Pennsylvania in 1752. It is now rung only on special occasions. On display in Philadelphia, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

B Throughout history, governments have used official seals to signify that documents are authentic. The United States, wanting to show its equal rank with the governments of Europe, adopted the Great Seal in 1782. Both sides of the seal can be found on the back of a one-dollar bill.

C Uncle Sam

The figure of Uncle Sam is a well-known patriotic symbol in the United States. He is generally shown as a tall figure with long white hair and a white beard. His costume is red, white, and blue, and decorated with stars and stripes.

D The bald eagle is one of America's best-known symbols. It became the national bird of the United States in 1782, and appears on the face of the Great Seal. The eagle has been used as a symbol of strength and bravery dating back to Roman times.

The bald eagle is found only in North America. The eagle is not really bald, but has that appearance because white feathers cover its head. Bald eagles are protected by federal law.

E Mount Rushmore

The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to a spectacular memorial. Carved into a granite cliff are

the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln,

four of America's greatest Presidents. They were chosen to represent the nation's founding,

philosophy, expansion, and unity.

The sculptures are approximately 60 feet high, and are 5,725 feet above sea level. On a clear day

they can be seen from over 60 miles away.

Gutzon Borglum designed and supervised construction of the Mount Rushmore memorial, which

was completed in 1941. The figures were cut from the stone by using drills and dynamite.

6 68

F Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of the United States and a symbol of freedom to people all over the world. It was given to the United States by the people of France in 1884 as a symbol of the friendship between the two nations. The statue, which stands on a large concrete pedestal, rises over 150 feet high and is made of 300 copper sheets fastened together. A spiral staircase brings visitors up from the base of the statue to the crown. Windows in the crown give people an unforgettable view of the harbour.

G The rose, said to be about 35 million years old, has been used as a symbol of love, beauty, war, and politics throughout the world. The flowers are generally red, pink, white, or yellow and grow naturally throughout North America. The rose became the official flower of the United States in 1986.

In October 1985, the Senate passed a resolution that declared the rose as the National Floral Emblem of the United States. Senate Joint Resolution 159 was passed by the House of Representatives on September 23, 1986.

H San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful bridges, with its tremendous towers, sweeping cables and great span. The 1.7-mile-long span crosses the Golden Gate strait. Standing 220 feet off of the water, the highest point of the bridge is 746 feet and some of the foundations are 110 feet under water. Rather than carbon black and steel gray the Golden Gate Bridge has always been painted orange vermilion, deemed International Orange because that colour blends well with its natural setting.

O It can be seen on the face of the Great Seal. (D)

16 This symbol was a present from France. ( )

17 It commemorates four American greatest Presidents. ( )

18 On this American symbol located in Philadelphia you can find the words from the Bible. ( )

19 It became the official flower of the United States in 1986. ( )

20 This man is a famous patriotic figure of the USA. ( )

Task 5

Read the text below. For questions (2132) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (O) has been done for you.

Sir Timothy Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist who (0) D the World Wide Web. He

received a knighthood from the British (21)_________ for his efforts (so he is called Sir). He is director

of W3C, which looks after the Web's development. A (22)___________ British newspaper ranked him as the

world's greatest living genius. Today's world would be very different (23)____________ his discovery.

Berners-Lee was born in 1955 to parents who were mathematicians and computer scientists.

He (24)______ with numbers and electronics and managed to build his own computer. He (25)________________

to Oxford University and was banned from using the computers for hacking. Berners-Lee graduated

with a degree in physics. His first (26)________ after graduating was as a computer programmer and

software developer.

Berners-Lee spent the 1980s on a (27)_________ based on sharing and updating information online.

In 1991, he put the first website online. It explained what the World Wide (28)_____________ was and how

69 Bapia 6

it was used. He gave his idea to the world for (29)_________ . In 1994, Berners-Lee founded W3C to set

standards and improve the quality of the Web.

Berners-Lee now spends his (30)_________ between W3C and as a professor of computer science in

England. He also writes (31) _____ the future of the Web. In 2004, he was named as the first ever
winner of the Millennium Technology Prize. He has a string of other awards and is listed as one of
Time magazine's 100 most important people of the 20th (32)____________ .















  A B C D  
0 settled mended improved invented
King Queen President Governor
leading key crucial primary
with of out without
24 grew up brought up adult mature
attended passed went entered
job career proficiency occupation
idea website mission project
Mesh Trap Web Net
charge free charity granted
money schedule time period
about on off at
century millennium year era

71 6


Task 1

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (3344). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.


Love them or hate them, we all know what they are. It isn't a (0) completely (complete) new idea. I remember loving a programme called Candid Camera when I was a child. Normal members of

the public who had no idea that they were being (33)____________________________ (to film) were

tricked into doing ridiculous things and it was sometimes very (34)__________________ (fun).

And now we have those Funniest Home Videos programmes instead.

Then things (35)________________________ (to change). (36)_______________________ (Europe)

television had the idea of taking ordinary people and turning them into stars by putting them in

unusual situations. Big Brother (created in Holland) was one of the first. A group of people (37)___________

(to lock) in a small house with cameras running 24 hours a day. It was called a watch and dial show

because (38)_______________________ (to view) vote by telephone to decide who should leave or stay.

Or Survivor where a group of people are put in a hostile environment, like a jungle or a desert island.

They are filmed while they try (39)__________________________ (to find) food and shelter and every

week some of them are voted out.

Big Brother was probably the first of the new reality shows but the genre has developed. Many

have found appeal by having a theme to them, but most (40)______________________________ (to base) on

the principle of (41)______________________ (to survive) of the fittest by eliminating participants

as the series progresses.

So there is a number of sports-based shows which have sometimes led to contestants

(42)________________ (to get) deals to become professionals in the real world. In similar vein,

there are those based on music, where the winners get to make a record which may (43)____________________

(to lead) to real success in the world of show business.

Certainly, reality TV seems to appeal much more to the younger audience. And now there are so many shows around that even the young have become more discriminating. The genre will probably

survive it's just no longer so easy to make a (44)_________________________ (success) one.

Task 2

45 Using the plan below, write a review for a film you have recently seen.



Para 1:Mention the title of the film, director, type of the film, place it's set, main characters, what the story is about

Main body

Para 2:Name main points of the plot

Para3: Write your comments about the acting, plot, sound effects etc.


Para 4:Recommendation

7 74


Task 1

Read the text below. Match choices (AH) to (15). There are two choices you don't need to us.Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

More than a quarter of the working people in Europe have it. Cairo, Bologna, and Paris have bee offering it the longest. And you can now possibly get it by sitting at home at a computer. What is it A university education, of course. So who goes to university and what do they get out of their experi- ence?

0 (C) Most universities don't let just anyone in. Grades in the subjects you take in the final years o; secondary education are what is usually looked at. In many countries people also have to do an entry examination.

1( ) Take a quick name check of the leading writers, politicians or scientists in the UK or the USA and you should find the majority chose to spend their student years at Oxford and Cambridge or Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

2 ( ) For the majority of students, attending a university in a town or city near the place where they

live is the only financially possible choice, but in Britain for many years going to university meant leaving home, with all the freedom and independence that implied. Universities traditionally offer cheap and clean accommodation in hostels or student houses.

3 ( ) A common feature of any university is attending lectures, which involves taking notes while

a lecturer, a university teacher, is speaking to large groups of students. In Britain, you are also expected to present a subject perhaps once a term and comment on it in tutorials. These are small group discussions led by a lecturer at which closer analysis of a particular area is undertaken.

4 ( ) There is an old saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and prospective

students expect a rich and varied social life. Friendships and varied clubs and societies that exist at most universities may last a lifetime.

5 ( ) This was the opinion of Theodore Roosevelt, a former US American President a man who

has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad.

Or is it as an American journalist, Sydney Harris, said? The primary purpose of a liberal education is to make one's mind a pleasant place in which to spend one's time.

A Where to live

B Social life

C Admission

D Teaching and learning

E Special courses

F Which one to go to

G And what does university education all add up to?

H Sport and university teams

75 7

Task 2

Read the text below. For (610) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

In many parts of the world, and not only in the UK, going to the theatre is seen as an activity which only a very few people do.

Theatre is not often seen as being a pastime that many ordinary people do. It's believed that ordinary people watch TV, or go to the cinema, or go out to eat with friends. The theatre is for rich, upper class intellectuals.

Like with a lot of stereotypes, there is some truth in this. Theatre tickets are quite expensive. They cost more than cinema tickets. Theatres which show new plays are usually only in big cities.

However, even though this is true, there are a lot of theatre companies who are challenging this idea. And the way they are challenging this idea is by working with schools-.- In the UK, many theatre companies now have an educational department. Companies such as Complicite, Northern Broadsides and Shared Experience go into schools and help students to understand and enjoy the plays they do.

One company that has made educational work their speciality is the David Glass Ensemble. The work they do, however, is quite different. The David Glass Ensemble run an ongoing project called The Lost Child. The Lost Child is not a play which they travel around the world to perform. The Lost Child doesn't even have a script. What exactly is The Lost Child then?

The Lost Child is a series of activities which actors from the David Glass Ensemble do together with children who are in difficult situations. They have worked with children who have family problems or victims of child abuse all over the world, mostly in South East Asia,, but also in Europe and South America.

Three or four actors from the company spend a period of time, usually three or four weeks, starting from games, drawing and singing to develop the children's confidence and give them a sense of security. Out of the childrens' drawings, and from talking to them, the actors identify some of the children's problems and ideas, and then they develop a play based on these ideas. Sometimes they make short films. Sometimes the plays are a series of sketches and songs. Sometimes the plays tell one story.

Children who have taken part in The Lost Child almost always end up with a better sense of security, and feel more confident about themselves. They can show that they have intelligence and creativity, no matter what has happened or is happening in their lives. They also have more interest in theatre and film.

In Shakespeare's day going to the theatre was an activity which everyone did. There were expensive seats for rich people, and other people could buy a cheap ticket to stand up and watch the play. (This still happens at the rebuilt Globe theatre in London a theatre which is exactly the same as it was in Shakespeare's time. The Globe, of course, also has its educational department). Even though today's world is very different, companies like the David Glass Ensemble are helping to create a situation in which the theatre is for everyone. -

0 The main purpose of the text is to tell about the Globe theatre. (F)

6 Theatre is extremely popular with ordinary people. ( )

7 In the UK there are theatre companies that go into schools and help

students to understand and enjoy the plays they do. ( )

8 The Lost Child is the name of a play. ( )

9 The aim of The Lost Child project is to develop a play based on childrens' ideas. ( )

10 The Lost Child project helps children to feel more secure and confident. ( )

Bapia 7 76

Task 3

Read the text below. For questions (1115) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answer on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

William Henry Gates III was born on October 28, 1955. He is one of the world's richest people and perhaps the most successful businessman ever. He co-founded the software giant Microsoft am turned it into the world's largest software company. He is the best-known entrepreneur of the PC revolution. He has also written two best-selling books and started his own charity with his wife.

Gates was fascinated with electronics from a young age. In 1975 he read about a small technology company. He contacted them to see if they were interested in a computer programme he had written. This led to the creation of Microsoft. Gates later struck a deal with IBM that put Microsoft's Windows on IBM computers. This deal made Microsoft a major player in the IT industry.

Gates was in charge at Microsoft from 1975 until 2006. He was an active software developer at the beginning. He had a vision that computers could change everyone's life. He helped make this vision come true and developed many products that are now part of modern life. His management style has been studied and copied around the world.

Gates stepped down as Microsoft CEO in June 2008. He now spends his time with his wife, Melinda, focusing on their charitable foundation. They provide funds for global problems that are ignored by governments and other organizations. Time magazine voted Gates as one of the biggest influences of the 20th century.

0 What is the best title for this text?

A The Creation of Microsoft.

B Gate's Family Life.

C Bill Gates: the Story of Success.

D Bill Gates: the Early Years.


11 Bill Gates...

A is the world's richest man.

B founded the software giant Microsoft.

C turned Microsoft into the world's largest software company.

D has written many best-selling books.

12 When did Gates start being interested in electronics?
A When he was rather young.

B After he read about a small technology company.

C Since 1975.

D While studying at the University.

13 What made Microsoft a major player in the IT industry?
A Gate's interest in electronics.

B Cooperation with a small technology company.

C The development of the IT industry.

D The contract with IBM that put Microsoft's Windows on IBM computers.

14 Gates believed that...

A software doesn't need further development.

B computers could influence people's life.

C the importance of computers is doubtful.

D he wasn't competent enough to be in charge at Microsoft.

77 7

15 Which of the following statements are true?

A Gates is still in charge at Microsoft.

B Gates is not married.

C Gates is involved into charity.

D Time magazine voted Gates as one of the biggest influences of the 21st century.

Task 4

Read the text below. Match choices (AH) to (1620). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

The New7Wonders organization is happy to announce that the following candidates have been elected by more than 100 million votes to represent global heritage throughout history.

A Sydney Opera House

When the Sydney Opera House was finished in 1973, this landmark building in the true sense of the expression, put the whole continent of Australia on the world map. This building does not imitate or reflect what we generally imagine an opera house might look like, indeed, it is a completely abstract interpretation. The ability to create abstract art only developed after the invention of photography in the late 19th century, when painters first began to experiment with an abstract, cubist interpretation of reality.

B Chichen Itze

Chichen Itze, the most famous Mayan temple city, served as the political and economic centre of the Mayan civilization. Its various structures the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Chac Mool, the Hall of a Thousand Pillars, and the Playing Field of the Prisoners can still be seen today and are demonstrative of an extraordinary commitment to architectural space and composition. The pyramid itself was the last, and arguably the greatest, of all Mayan temples.

C The Statue of Jesus Christ

The statue of Jesus stands some 38 metres tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa and created by French sculptor Paul Landowski, it is one of the world's best-known monuments. The statue took five years to be constructed and was inaugurated on October 12, 1931. It has become a symbol of the city and of the warmth of the Brazilian people, who receive visitors with open arms.

D The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built to link existing fortifications into a united defence system and better keep invading Mongol tribes out of China. It is the largest man-made monument that has ever been built and it is disputed that it is the only one visible from space. Many thousands of people must have given their lives to build this colossal construction.

E The Taj Mahal

This immense mausoleum was built on the orders of Shah Jahan, the fifth Muslim Mogul emperor, to honour the memory of his beloved late wife. Built out of white marble and standing in formally laid-out walled gardens, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the most perfect jewel of Muslim art in India. The emperor was consequently jailed and, it is said, could then only see the Taj Mahal out

of his small cell window.


F The Palace Tombs of Petra

On the edge of the Arabian Desert, Petra was the glittering capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV (9 B.C. to 40 A.D.). Masters of water technology, the Nabataeans provided their

7 78

city with great tunnel constructions and water chambers. A theatre, modelled on Greek-Roman prototypes, had space for an audience of 4,000. Today, the Palace Tombs of Petra, with the 42-metre-high Hellenistic temple facade on the El-Deir Monastery, are impressive examples of Middle Eastern culture.

G The Colosseum

This great amphitheatre in the centre of Rome was built to give favours to successful legionnaires and to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Its design concept still stands to this very day, and virtually every modern sports stadium some 2,000 years later still bears the influence of the Colosseum's original design. Today, through films and history books, we are even more aware of the cruel fights and games that took place in this arena, all for the joy of the spectators.

H Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in a time when castles and fortresses were no longer strategically necessary. Instead, it was born of pure fantasy a beautiful, romantic composition of towers and walls in the perfect setting of mountains and lakes. The combination of various architectural styles and genuine craf twork has inspired generations of adults and children alike.

0 It is said that this is the only man-made monument visible from space. (D)

16 It was built to honour the memory of an emperor's wife. ( )

17 It has become a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. ( )

18 This is created in the style of abstract art. ( )

19 This represents an attractive composition of towers and walls surrounded

by mountains and lakes. ( )

20 Every modern sports stadium still has the influence of its original design. ( )

Task 5

Read the text below. For questions (2132) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answer on the separate answer sheet. An example (O) has been done for you.

In 2005 the Rolling Stones released an album (0) B A Bigger Bang. Many critics, as usual,

chose it as their favourite of the year. This isn't very (21)__________ , but if you think that A Bigger

Bang was their 25th album now the Rolling Stones have been around (22)____________ more than

40 years, and that singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards and the other musicians are all well

into their 60s, and are (23)______ grandfathers, it starts to look a bit strange. The idea of my

grandfather standing on a stage in front of thousands of people singing I Can't Get No Satisfaction is just embarrassing. Can you imagine your grandfather doing this?

But the Rolling Stones are not an exception. (24) ________ year, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney

(25) _______ released a new record. He worked with the producer of the band Radiohead to

(26)_______ himself a more modern sound. His record only had limited success, but again thousands

of people came out to (27)_________ the man when he played live concerts. Many young people still

listen to Madonna, as well. She is regarded as being an exciting contemporary artist, even though she
has now been making records for more (28)____________ 20 years and is in her 50s.


79 7

It used to be said that pop music was an art form created by and for young people, but now it has
grown (29)________ . Now pop and rock music have been around for 50 years, people who started

listening to it when they were young are now old. Why should their tastes change?

Of course, boy bands groups of singing and dancing young people who are often not much older than the people who buy or download their songs still continue to be hugely popular all

30)_______ the world. However, it is very difficult to imagine a group like Blue still going in

forty years' time. And while older readers might remember the Backstreet Boys, or even Take
how significant has their contribution to popular music really been? And can anyone
already even (31) _______ McFly? Will anybody still be listening to Blue or Britney Spears

32)_______ they're in their sixties?


  A B C D
0 name called termed identity
surprising ordinary predicted disbelief
for since until before
each every entire all
First Next Last After
too also and besides
give take get bring
look notice imagine see
that than then them
out about up down
above under beyond over
remember consider keep in mind summon up
what when who where


81 Bapia 7


Task 1

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (3344). Write your answer on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

The British Museum is the (0) oldest (old), and one of the largest museums in the world.

Where else can you (33)___________(see) some of the greatest treasures of all time under one

roof? Here you can see at first hand The Elgin Marbles, The Portland Vase, The Lewis Chessmen, The Sutton Hoo Treasure, to name only a few of the (34)__________________(wonder) collections awaiting you. You will (35)___________(be) fascinated by the Egyptian Mummies, and

(36)______________________(inspire) by the superb exhibition of prints and drawings which changes several times a year. Allow plenty of time for your visit the British Museum is a vast storehouse of treasures. Better still, why not (37)__________________(visit) several times, concentrating on just one exhibit each time?

In 1753 an act of Parliament (38)______________________(establish) the British Museum as the

world's first public museum. The Cottonian Library was immediately (39)_____________(add) to the


Another major change to the museum (40)__________________(take) place when it was decided

to remove the British Library to new purpose built premises at St Pancras. This enormous undertaking begun in the 1970s was not completed until 1998.

Today, the British Museum is home to no less than six and a half million objects and has ninety four permanent and temporary exhibition galleries. An Education Department

(41)______________________(provide) a wide range of services for adults and children. Other departments (42)_____________(be) Coins and Medals, Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Africa, Oceania and

the Americas, Greek and Roman Antiquities, Asia, Prehistory and Europe, Prints and Drawings, and Middle Eastern Antiquities.

If you want to visit the British Museum you should remember the following information.

Please note there are two entrances: the main entrance is at Great Russell Street this is where

the (43)______________________(inform) desk is situated and where you may obtain a free floor

plan. The other entrance is on the north side of the (44)__________________(build) in Montague


Task 2

45 Your teacher has asked you to write a composition describing the person who has influenced your life the most. Use the following plan:


Introduction Para 1:Set the scene (person's name; time and place where you've met)

Main body

Para 2:Physical appearance

Para 3: Describing person's character and interests


Para 4:Your feelings about this person

8 84


Task 1

Read the text below. Match choices (AH) to (15). There are two choices you don't need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

0 (B) When I was a child I read a science fiction story that made me think about trees in a new way. In the story, visitors from an advanced civilization come to our planet and their spaceship lands in the middle of a forest. The aliens have a long conversation with the trees of the forest, and then leave again, happy to think that the inhabitants of earth are noble, intelligent and peaceful.


1 ( ) Trees have always fascinated people. They are the biggest living things on our planet, and ones of the most beautiful. Trees appear in many religions and have inspired artists for thousands of years.

2 ( ) Trees are also the oldest living organisms on earth. They are a direct link with thousands of years of history. The great age of trees makes them useful for all sorts of scientific research. The rings inside a tree are particularly useful to tell scientists about changes in the climate that happened many thousands of years ago before written records were kept.

3 ( ) Trees may have a lot to teach us about being part of a community and how co-operation is better for a society than competition. Scientists are only just beginning to understand how it all works, but we now know that a community of trees growing together share all of the available resources with each other. So, strong trees in a good position will share food and water with weaker trees that receive less sunlight. They do this through their roots, through the soil, and also through the networks of tiny mushrooms that grow in the soil between them.

4 ( ) It is true that trees absorb enormous amounts of energy from the sun more than any other

living thing. And some people believe that you can feel this energy if you choose a tree that you feel attracted to, put your arms around it and stay there holding it for a while.

Spiritual and religious teachers for many years have been telling their students to learn from trees, notice their stillness and strength and try to imitate it.

5 ( ) It has been proved that patients in hospital get better faster, feel less pain and go home quicker if there are trees outside the windows of their rooms.

The tree-hugging is believed to be good for stress, make you sleep better, and help you to

feel more positive and calm. And more and more people are doing this. We all know that trees are essential for the environment and the survival of our planet. Perhaps

they have even more to offer us in the future.

A The energy of trees

B The story that influenced my attitude

C The oldest trees

D Trees studying

E The community of trees

F The interest to the trees

G Trees in prose and poetry

H Trees and people's health

85 8

Task 2

Read the text below. For (610) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Oxford University, founded in 1214, is the oldest and best university in Britain. Over 30 individual colleges make up the university, and each has become affiliated to the central university at different points in time from the 13th century up to today. There is no campus as such, but you will find some very beautiful historic buildings that are used by all the colleges the Bodlean Library, the Radcliffe Camera, the Sheldonain Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum in the centre of Oxford. The individual colleges are scattered around the centre as well. Each college is protected by a high wall, which is entered through the porters lodge at the main gate. The only way to see what a college is like is to go inside a few.

There are walking tours of the colleges, and the open top buses go on a continual tour round the town (with your ticket you can get on and off at will). Go on one complete tour to get a general impression, then go round again getting on and off at those places and colleges that took your fancy.

The town of Oxford stands on the River Cherwell, and the river is an important part of the university life, particularly in summer time. The Oxford University Boat Race crew trains here in winter and in summer, when the less serious and more spectacular Summer Eights take place.

0 The text tells about Britain's oldest universities. (F)

6 Oxford University is composed of a number of individual colleges. ( )

7 All colleges on the territory of Oxford University use modern buildings. ( )

8 The University colleges are not open for a visit. ( )

9 Continual tours round the town in the open top buses are available. ( )

10 Oxford University has its own Boat Race crew. ( )

Task 3

Read the text below. For questions (1115) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answer on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

J. K. Rowling is the pen-name she uses as a writer. The J is for Joanne, her real first name, but she prefers to be called Jo. Apparently, people only call her Joanne when they're angry with her. The K is made up. Her publisher asked her to write using a name with two initials, but she didn't have

1 middle name.

Jo did a few different things before she struck upon the idea of writing children's books. She worked as a researcher and a bilingual secretary for Amnesty International and as an English teacher in Portugal.

The idea for the Harry Potter novels came from nowhere while she was on a train to London. She said, The characters and situations came flooding into my head.

Seven Potter novels later and Rowling is one of the richest women in the world. In fact, she is the first novelist ever to become a billionaire from writing. Her rags to riches story is a fantasy story in itself. She was on government handouts while writing her first novel. Her last four books broke records for the fastest sellers in literary history.

Today she devotes much of her time to many charitable projects. She famously demanded that Coca-Cola donate $18 million to the Reading is Fundamental charity if it wanted a tie-up with the Potter movies.

The future? In March 2008, she said: I will continue writing for children because that's what I enjoy.

8 86

0 What is the best title for this text?

A J. K. Rowling: the author of Harry Potter novels. B J. K. Rowling: the richest woman in the world. C J. K. Rowling: the Early Years.

D Harry Potter: the famous character.

11 J.K.Rowling...

A is the real name of the writer.

B is the pen-name of the writer.

C stands for Joanne Katherine Rowling.

D is the pen-name which Joanne doesn't like very much.

12 What jobs did J. K. Rowling do before she started writing children's books?

A She worked as a researcher, a bilingual secretary and a teacher of Portuguese.

B She worked as a researcher, a writer and a teacher of English.

C She worked as a bilingual secretary, a researcher and a teacher of English.

D She worked as a publisher, a bilingual secretary and an English teacher.

13 When did Joanne Rowling make up the Harry Potter character?
A When she was in London.

B When she was on a bus to London.

C When she was going from London by train.

D When she was going to London by train.

, ? :

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