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Text 4.1. Jesse Owens


Look at the photo. What sport is it, do you think?

Exercise 4.1.1.Read the article and match the headings with the paragraphs (A-D).


Early successes

Greatest achievements

Family and early years

First experience of sport

Jesse Owens

A. Jesse Owens was born in 1913 in Alabama His family was poor, and Jesse worked in his spare time to support his family.

B. Jesse was a fast runner and so he joined the school athletics team He set a new schoolboys’ world record for the 100-yard sprint.

С. While at university Jesse had to work to pay for he stocks He also faced cabal discrimination and wasn't allowed to live with white students. On 25th May, 1935, he broke four world records within 45 minutes: the 100-yard sprint, the 220-yard sprint the long jump and the 220-yard hurdles. He was still a student!

D.At the 1936 Olympic Games Jesse won the 100-metre sprint the 200-metre sprint the long Jump and the 400-metre relay He also broke three Olympic records It was a fantastic achievement

Exercise 4.1.2.Answer the questions.

1. When and where was Jesse Owens born?

2. Why did Jesse have to workin his spare time?

3. In which event did Jesse break the world record while he was still at school?

4. In what ways was university life difficult for Jesse?

5. How many world records did Jesse set on 25th May 1935, andhow long did it take him?

Exercise 4.1.3.Match the sentences about Owens with the four topics in exercise

· By the end of his first year at college, Jesse realised he could compete at the highest level.

· Jesse was the first American to win four gold medals in a

single Olympics.

· Jesse couldn't do sports after school because he had to work.

· When Jesse was eight, his father lost his job and the family moved toOhio.

· The Nazis hoped to prove at the Games that white people

were physically superior to blаск people.

· Jesse's school sports teacher realised that Jesse was

immensely talented.

· Jesse had nine brothers and sisters.

· When he travelled with fellow students he had to stay in 'blacks only' hotels.

5.Write an article (130-150 words) for a student magazine about a famous sportsperson from the past (someone who has retired or died). Include paragraphs on three or four of these topics and your own ideas.

- family

- early years and education

- first experience of sport

- early successes

- greatest achievements

- why you admire him/her


Check your work

Have you

-divided your article into paragraphs, each with its own topic?

-put the paragraphs in a logical order?

-checked your spelling and grammar?

-written 130-150 «words?


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