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EXERCISE 6. Use the verbs in brackets to make the first conditional sentences.

1.You (like) Italian painting you (love) this exhibition. 2. You (want) to meet Michael you (have to) come back tomorrow. 3. He (hope) to pass the exam he (need to) study much harder. 4. They (work) this hard they (finish) the job very quickly. 5. She (not drive) more slowly she (have) an accident. 6. We (not use) a computer it (take) too long. 7. I (see) him I (give) him a lift. 8. He (go) on telling lies nobody (believe) a word he says. 9. I (not have) a quiet room I (not be able) to do any work. 10. I (be) very angry he (make) any more mistakes.


EXERCISE 7. Choose IF or UNLESS (remember Unless = If not).

1. Will she be able to eat some cake …I put eggs in it?

2. … he advertises in the newspaper he will sell a lot of goods.

3. … I'm mistaken, that's certainly Mr. Jones.

4. … it's very cold, we will probably not have snow.

5. She won’t know the truth … you tell it to her.

6. … you use high quality material, you can't build a good house.

7. … you finish work early, we can play tennis.

8. … you don't keep your promises, you 'll lose your friends.

9. … you arrive early, you’ll be able to meet the customers before the meeting.

10. They won’t arrive on time … they finish the work early.

11. … you study hard, you won't get a scholarship.

12. … she eats healthy food, she won’t lose some weight.

13. … you tell me what you want I can get it for you

14. … you think about it you will make the right decision.


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