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EXERCISE 1. Complete the following sentences choosing the correct future tense form for the verb in brackets.

1.The train _____ (to arrive) at 12:30. 2. We _____ (to have) dinner at a seaside restaurant on Sunday. 3. It _____(to snow) in Brighton tomorrow evening. 4. On Friday at 8 o’clock I _____ (to meet) my friend. 5. Paul _____ (to fly) to London on Monday morning. 6. Wait! I _____ (to drive) you to the station. 7. The English lesson _____ (to start) at 8:45. 8. Are you still writing your essay? If you ______ (to finish) by 4pm, we can go for a walk. 9. I _____ (to see) my mother in April. 10. Look at the clouds – it _____ (to rain) in a few minutes. 11. When they _____ (to get) married in March, they _____ (to be) together for six years. 12. You’re carrying too much. I _____ (to open) the door for you. 13. Do you think the teacher _____ (to mark) our homework by Monday morning? 14. When I _____ (to see) you tomorrow, I ______ (show) you my new book. 15. After you _____ (to take) a nap, you _____ (to feel) a lot better. 16. I’m sorry but you need to stay in the office until you _____ (to finish) your work. 17. I _____ (to buy) the cigarettes from the corner shop when it _____ (to open). 18. I _____ (to let) you know the second the builders ______ (to finish) decorating. 19. Before we _____ (to start) our lesson, we _____ (to have) a review. 20. We _____ (to wait) in the shelter until the bus _____ (to come). 21. I’m very sorry Dr. Jones ____ (not be) back in the clinic until 2pm. 22. This summer, I _____ (to live) in Brighton for four years. 23. I don’t think you _____ (to have) any problems when you land in Boston. 24. The baby should be due soon, next week she _____ (to be) pregnant for nine months. 25. By the time we get home, they _____ (to play) football for 30 minutes. 26. In three years I _____ (to live) in a different country. 27. When you _____ (to get) off the train, I _____ (to wait) for you by the ticket machine. 28. _____ (to take) your children with you to France? 29. This time next week I _____ (ski) in Switzerland! 30. Now I _____ (to check) my answers.


Tenses Revision: Level A

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