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A Discuss the questions with a partner.

· What do you know about ‘ethical travel’?

· Does ‘ethical travel’ mean:

a) behaving yourself while travelling

b) caring for the places (and people) you visit

c) taking a keen interest in the place’s history and culture?


5b Listen to the conversation about ‘ethical travel’ and check if your guesses were right. Could you add some more main features of ‘ethical travel’? Track 14.


5c Listen to the conversation once again and fill in the missing words or phrases from the box below (there are three phrases you don’t need).


A the effect B tips C be more aware of D causing problems E ‘package’ and ‘all inclusive’ F solve problems G long plane journey H at their cost I running water J form of income


1. Most of us have probably heard of ____________ holidays but when I asked Bush House, not many of us had heard of ‘ethical travel’.

2. Trisha was talking about _____________ that tourists can have on the people who live in the countries they visit.

3. We also heard how the local people usually have very poor ‘infrastructures’, for example, little access to transport, electricity and __________ .

4. We’ll be able to visit those countries in the future without _____________.

5. The governments of many developing countries encourage tourism as a valuable ___________ .

6. According to Trisha, knowing what’s going on could lead tourists helping to ___________ rather than adding to them.

7. Do you think that ___________ - giving extra money to low-paid workers – keeps their wages low?


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