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B Read the article and choose the best word to fill in the gaps from the list below.

Do we have a global culture?

You probably know or can guess the answer to all these questions 1) what country you live in. These things are all part of a global culture that exists in almost every country in the world. They are all part of globalisation, the process whereby large multinational companies, usually from America, build 2) in every country. With the use of the Internet, the spread of English, and an increase in travel, the world is becoming a smaller place. Everybody wears the same trainers, eats the same fast food, drinks the same drinks and watches the same programmes on television.

Many people are worried about this global culture, and what it will mean to the culture of individual countries, villages and towns. One of the heroes of the anti-globalisation 3) is the French sheep farmer Jose Bove, who makes Roquefort cheese. When the Americans increased the 4) on Roquefort cheese, he 5) so angry that he organised an attack on the local fast food restaurant. With a group of other farmers he 6) into the restaurant with a bulldozer. He 7) by the police, and when he was sentenced to three months in 8) , he became an even bigger hero to his supporters.

The protest, he explained, was about the 9) of food. He believed that small local farmers 10) because of a few big companies. The attack was not just an attack on fast food restaurants – it was an attack on all multinationals, and the changes they had brought.

Some people might see the global culture as a good thing. It brings people

11) , means we have cheap food, you can travel anywhere and be sure you can find somewhere to stay, buy something to eat easily. But the question is, will the world become less interesting when people all look the same and speak the same language?


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