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C Read the article again and use information and your own ideas to write notes on this chart. When you have finished, choose one side and argue your case with your partner.

Advantages of globalisation Disadvantages of glogalisation
1 cheap fast food 2 etc. 1 small farmers can’t live because of big companies 2 etc.


5. Listening

5a What can you see in these pictures? What do you think the people are doing? What is WTO?

5b Listen to the talk about globalisation process and tick the phrases you hear. Track 16.

the United Nations greater international trade protected peace
economic integration the increasing use of English fast-food chain
global financial institutions technological developments world seems to be a smaller place
the G 8 summit   military actions common brands

5c Listen again and fill in the missing words.

1 Technological developments have made and travel much easier, so that the world seems to be a smaller place.

2 There are also aspects of the globalisation process – such as the increasing use of English and the appearance of similar (often American) products.

3 And also the fact that you’ve got common brands that are on in many different parts of the world.

4 And that the process of globalisation is a process in which, if you like, some countries win and others .

5 These include brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike … and - with a slogan “One World: One Taste” - the American fast-food chain McDonald’s.

6. Speaking

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