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B Complete the sentences about Janica Kostelic, a Croatian skier.

1. Janica / born / 1982

2. She / first put on the skis at the age of three

3. She / selected for the national team / she / 16 years old

4. Janica / injured many times so far

5. She / allowed to ski in spite of her knee injuries

6. She / admired for her hard work and ambition

7. She / liked because of her sense of fun


4c Winter Olympic quiz. Use the clue to write questions using the Passive. Do you know the answers to these questions?

Example: When was curling made an Olympic event?

1. When / curling /make an Olympic event?

2. When / first Winter Olympics / organise?

3. Who /ski jumping / invent by?

4. When / the first cross country ski races / hold?

5. When / extreme skiing / invent?

6. What two sport / snowboarding / develop from?

7. When / snowboarding / make an Olympic event?

8. Where / the last Winter Olympics / organise?

9. How often / the Winter Olympics / hold?



5. Listening
5a Where was the last Summer Olympic Games held? Did you watch any of it? Did Russia win any medals?

5b Which three cities below have never yet hosted the Summer Olympic Games?

Amsterdam Athens Berlin Melbourne Los Angeles Madrid Osaka Mexico City Moscow New York Paris Seoul

5c In 2005, London won the competition to host the Olympic Games in 2012. Listen to four extracts from the presentation that was made by the British Olympic Committee and match them with the topics a-d. Track 17.

a) transport

b) the sports facilities

c) accommodation for athletes

d) London’s special ambition for the Games

5d Are these sentences true or false? Listen again and check.

1 The organisers want the Games to encourage children to play sport.

2 None of the sports venues already exists.

3 The Olympic park will be less than ten minutes from the city centre.

4 The Olympic stadium will have 18,000 seats.

5 Many venues will be a long way from the athletes’ accommodation.

6 The athletes will stay in single rooms.

7 Ten train and underground lines go to the venues.

8 Visitors to the games don’t have to pay to use the trains and buses.

5e We can use just and only to emphasize how small something is. Listen and complete these sentences from the extracts. Is the emphasis positive or negative? Track 18.


1 We’ll create an Olympic park which is ___ seven minutes from the center of London.

2 Half of the venues will be ___ five minutes from the athletes’ accommodation.

3 ___ ten per cent will be more than twenty minutes away.

4 Athletes will be ___ a short walk from the main stadium.

5 The Olympic park will be ___ seven minutes from central London by train.


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