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Методические подходы к анализу финансового состояния предприятия

Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Post-reading activities

2c Read the article again and answer these questions using your own words.

1 What does Maluerindi think we can do about his loneliness?

2 What is going to happen in the next 100 years?

3 Why do languages die?

4 What can people do to save a language?

5 Why should we care when languages die?


3. Language skills


3a Find these verbs in the article and match them to their meanings in this context. 1 change damage something badly 2 disappear stop existing 3 destroy live after a difficult event 4 survive stop something dying 5 save be interested in something 6 care become different Choose three of the verbs and write three sentences about the problem of dying languages. 3b Complete these sentences with the correct form of say, talk, speak or tell. 1 He is lonely because he has nobody to to. 2 He is the last and only person in Australia who can his Aboriginal language. 3 ‘It’s sad,’ he, ‘but there’s nothing we can do about it now.’ 4 The experts us that out of the world’s 6,000 languages, 3,000 will disappear in the next 100 years. · Which word means to know a language? · Which word means to have a conversation with? · Which word means to give information to someone? · Which word is used to describe someone’s actual words? 3c Fill in the missing words.
Verbs Nouns
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