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Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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A Work with a partner to discuss the following.

· What languages are spoken in Scotland?

· What can you do to prevent a language from disappearing?



5b Listen to a radio interview with Bradana MacKinnon, spokesperson for the Society for the Promotion of Gaelic. Tick the things that are mentioned. Track 19.

1 statistics about people speaking Gaelic

2 the differences between Gaelic

in Scotland and Ireland

3 the economy of the Gaelic-speaking


4 investment in cultural events

and festivals of Gaelic arts

5 training teachers of Gaelic

5c Listen again and choose the correct word for each space.

1 It’s a Gaelic word meaning.

a ‘sea’ b ‘salmon’ c ‘Celtic’


2 Should we fight to keep a dying

language, even if few people will ever use it or hear it?

a alive b spoken c life


3 In the last 100 years or so, the number of Gaelic-only speakers in Scotland has fallen from nearly t o zero.

a 4,400 b 44,000 c 34,000


4 It’s also true to say that since there has been a revival in the Celtic culture and language.

a the 1960s b the 1930s c the 1960s


5 There has been a huge in the number of young children being educated in Gaelic in primary schools and nurseries.

a decrease b drop c increase


6 At the moment we’re trying to raise our profile and we have a new fund-raising.

a program b campaign c company


7 Every language, like every of animal, is unique and worth protecting.

a species b spices c spaces


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