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Pre-reading activities

2a Look at the photos below. What do you know about Scotland? Work in pairs and try to answer these questions.

1 What is the capital of Scotland? 2 How do Scottish people celebrate the New Year? 3 What is Scotland’s national dish? 4 What happens at the Edinburgh Festival? 5 What are the following? a bagpipes b first footing c a kilt d tossing the caber
While-reading activities 2b Read about Scotland and check your answers for ex. 2a. Scotland – A place to celebrate Scotland is famous for its own culture. Here are some of the ways visitors to Scotland can join in the fun.
Hogmanay, 31 December Scotland celebrates Hogmanay, the New Year, with the music of bagpipes, Scotland’s traditional instrument, and dancing in the street throughout the night. At midnight, there are fireworks and everyone sings ‘Auld Lang Syne’, a song by Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet. Soon after midnight, Scottish families go ‘first footing’, visiting the houses of friends and relations to continue the celebrations! The Highland Games, May-September Nearly every weekend in the summer, there are highland games somewhere in Scotland but the biggest games are at Cowal. People from all over the world come to watch or take part. Over three thousand bagpipes and drummers play all day and there is a wonderful atmosphere. There are highland dancing competitions as well as events like throwing the hammer or ‘tossing the caber’ – throwing a large tree-trunk as far as possible! All the athletes wear traditional skirts called kilts.
Burns Night, 25 January Robert Burns is Scotland’s national poet and Scottish people have a big dinner every year to celebrate his birthday. The main part of the meal is ‘haggis’, Scotland’s national dish made from liver, cereals and fat served in a sheep’s stomach. Then everyone reads poems and sings songs written by the great ‘Rabbie’ Burns himself. The Edinburgh Festival, August Edinburgh is famous all over the world for its arts festival. There is an official festival for theatre, opera and classic music, and the ‘Fringe’ festival where you can see a large variety of plays, films, comedians, dance companies and concerts. Finally, there is the Military Tattoo, a military parade held in Edinburgh Castle.



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