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Use the phrases from the Language Skills section.

4b Look at the photos and discuss the following:

· describe what is happening at the parties

· tell about the things which you prefer at parties

KEY WORDS: Parties Kinds of party:barbecue,fancy dress, house-warming, sit-down meal Food/drink: hot drinks, snacks, soft drinks Clothes:dress casually/smartly, wear formal/casual clothes Activities:bring a drink, dance, give presents, listen to/make speeches, play music, sing songs

4c Listen to talk. Which of these statements about parties in the UK do you think are true?

1 People usually wear formal clothes at parties.

2 People take flowers or chocolates when they go to someone’s house for dinner.

3 Teenagers sing songs and play games at parties.

Listen and check your predictions. Track 24.


4d Listen again and complete the phrases below.


1 If it’s very formal, you dress smartly.

2 Nowadays, for most parties you be too formal.

3 It’s arrive late for a dinner party.

4 It’s take something with you.

5 You always thank your host when you leave.

6 You drink too much at parties.

7 You accept a lift home from a person you don’t know.


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