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A Fill in the gaps with the following words. There are some words you do not need.


1. People of my country light a ________ in the open air at night to celebrate a religious festival

2. They are planning to ________Mother Teresa for her call to peace.

3. Tom put on a beautiful ________ during his wedding party.

4. There were hundreds of ________ displayed in the sky to welcome the national football team.

5. There was an interesting ________ at the Gallery last week celebrating a national event.

6. He proudly held the ________ of his country and made a tour around the stadium when he broke the 1500 metres record.

7. The host prepared a big ________ for the special guests

8. We're going to organise a ________ for my brother because he is going overseas for a year to study.

9. The president who visited our country last week was given an enthusiastic ________.

10. The lady lit just four candles on her fortieth ________.


Making suggestions

3b Listen to the Lowell Festival committee meeting about the programme. How many people speak at the meeting? What are their names? Track 20. Factfile Every year the city of Lowell in the USA has a Southeast Asian Water Festival. This is a free cultural event and over 60,000 people from all over the world come to it.

3c Listen again to the conversation and complete the missing information 1-4 on the programme.

Lowell Water Festival: August 18th-19th
River area Stage 1 Stage 2
Friday evening Parade by river (traditional clothes) Candle ceremony   Dance show (Laos national flower dance and modern dance)   1 (Cambodian traditional then Malaysian pop)
Saturday morning Save Water Now (talk by Professor Rees) Boat tour of river (history of the river and canal)   Fashion show (designs from Asia) 2 (learn Asian styles)   Thai boxing (watch and learn) Drum workshop (learn to play and make drums)
Saturday afternoon Traditional boat races   3 (Thai, Burmese, Cambodian)   Children’s activities (face painting, games)
Saturday evening Short films from Thailand (open air cinema)   Barbecue and party ($29 charge)   4 (Burmese)

3d Listen again and complete different ways of making suggestions, asking for ideas and responding to suggestions from the conversation.

suggestions 1 having a music show on Friday evening? 2 have traditional music and modern music. 3 to have the dance workshop in the morning. 4 Saturday evening? 5 have a drum concert then?
asking for ideas 1 anyone have any ideas for the last few spaces? 2 What think? 3 What to have then, Li? responding to suggestions 1 I think . 2 I’m not . 3 I don’t . 4 Great Li.


OTHER USEFUL PHRASES Excellent. Fantastic. That sounds fun/good/interesting/boring. I don’t want to do that.

3e Complete these suggestions with the correct form ofgo,playorvisit. Use each verb twice.

1 Why don’t we a museum this weekend?

2 Let’s tennis this weekend.

3 What about to the cinema this weekend?

4 I’d like to the theatre this weekend.

5 What about an art gallery this weekend?

6 I’d like football this weekend.

3f Listen to the end of the conversation and answer the questions. Track 21.

1 Does Andy think having the food market in the afternoon is a really good idea?

2 Does Andy think going for something to eat is a really a good idea?

3 Does Cassie think having a burger is a really good idea?


3g Listen to the wordOK.Which intonation shows strong interest or enthusiasm and which shows weak interest or no enthusiasm, a) or b)? Then practice with your partner.

Track 22.

3h Listen to some more examples. Which intonation do you hear? Strong interest (SI) or weak interest (WI)? Track 23.


1 Great idea.

2 Yes.

3 Excellent.

4. OK.

5 Fantastic.

6 Great.


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