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B While reading choose the best word to fill in the gaps from the list below.

This year, female football fans are everywhere. You can see them in the stadiums, you can see them at the big screen 1)____and you can probably see them in front of your own television. However, despite the recent increase in the 2)____of women watching the World Cup, the majority of the advertisements during the games are aimed at men. This year, nearly 50 per cent of the tournament’s audience has been female. In South Korea, a female 3)____of 51 per cent watched their match against Togo. In England, 47 per cent of the audience was female during the match 4)____Sweden. ‘We’ve certainly missed an opportunity’, said an advertising executive. ‘There have been too many adverts for men and there haven’t been enough adverts for female fans’.
There have been some adverts that have been 5)____at women. However, these adverts have seen women not as fans, but as people who dislike the game. For example, one airline has been offering women-only holiday trips 6)____the World Cup. ‘The advertisers haven’t been clever enough. They’ve been too 7)____in women who hate football and they’ve forgotten about those who love the game’, said Sean Gabb, a business lecturer and author. ‘Companies have spent enough money on advertising, nearly $1 billion worldwide, but they’ve spent too much money on the male fans and not enough on the female fans’.  
However, some companies think they have been clever. Adidas have said that, as this is the male World Cup, it makes 8)____to focus on advertising to men. They plan to focus on female products during next year’s women’s World Cup in China.  
Other people have noted that women 9)____to be more casual watchers of TV sport than men, so it is difficult to keep their attention during the adverts. However, as Sean Gabb said, ‘Perhaps this is because they don’t want to 10)____their time watching adverts for shaving products and car tyres’.    
Aperformances Bevents Cplays  
Aminority B amount C number  
Alots B majority Cmost  
A against Bopposite Cin front of  
A aimed Bpointed Cintended  
Aescaping B to escape Cescape  
Ain love B interested Cfascinated  
A sense Bmeaning C point  
A tend Blike Cdream  
Aspend Benjoy C waste  

6c According to the text, are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1 Many women have been watching football for many years.

2 Men are the target audience of advertisers during the World Cup.

3 More than half the English audience was female during the Sweden game.

4 The advertising executive thinks there should be more adverts aimed at women.

5 An airline offered special trips to the World Cup for women.

6 Companies did not spend a lot of money on advertising during this World Cup.

7 Adidas believes that it didn’t make a mistake with its advertising.

8 Women often stop watching during the advertisements.

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