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1. Мария поинтересовалась, знаю ли я, когда будет экзамен по биологии. Mary wondered if I knew when the biology exam would take place.

2. Папа пообещал, что когда он приедет, он поведет нас в зоопарк. Father promised that when he came he would take us to the zoo.

3. Он сказал нам, что не знает, когда ему выплатят зарплату. He told us that he didn’t know when they would give him his salary.

4. Он не сказал, какую оценку он мне поставил. He didn’t tell me what mark he had given me.

5. Принцесса сказала, что никогда раньше не ездила верхом. The princess said that she had never ridden a horse before.

6. Она сказала, что очень волнуется, потому что долго ждала этого момента. She said that she was very nervous because she had been waiting for this moment for ages.

7. Он пообещал, что как только он закончит работу, сразу позвонит нам. He promised that as soon as he finished the work he would immediately call us.

8. Он сообщил своим коллегам, что его отправляют в командировку в Париж и что он вернется через две недели и расскажет о своих впечатлениях. He informed his colleagues that he was being sent on a business trip to Paris and that he would come back in two weeks and tell us about his experiences.

9. Ведьма сказала, что видела его раньше. The witch said that she had seen him before.

10. Она сообщила, что почту уже рассортировали и завтра письмо будет доставлено по адресу. She said that the mail had already been sorted and the following day the letter would be delivered to the address.

11. Я спросил своего дедушку, был ли он когда-либо в Англии. I asked my grandfather if he had ever been to England.

12. Она спросила меня, чем я занята и почему я еще не сплю. She asked me what I was doing and why I wasn’t sleeping yet.

13. Она поинтересовалась, сколько раз я играл в шахматы. Я сказал, что играю в шахматы впервые. She wondered how many times I had played chess. I said that it was the first time I had played chess.

14. Мама спросила, сколько денег я потратила на продукты. Mother asked how much I had spent on the food.

15. Папа спросил, собираюсь ли я ложиться спать. Father asked if I was going to bed.

16. Волк спросил, далеко ли живет моя бабушка. The wolf asked if my granny lived far from there.

17. Гари поинтересовался, знает ли Гермиона, как варить зелье (brew) от глупости. Harry wondered if Germiona knew how to make the brew for curing stupidity.

18. Буратино спросил Папу Карло, где находится ближайший очаг (fireplace). Buratino asked Father Carlo where the nearest fireplace was.

19. Папа Карло спросил, сколько стоит луковица и азбука. Father Carlo asked how much an onion and an ABC book cost.

20. Чипполино спросил своего папу, поливали ли его сегодня. Cipolin asked his father if they had watered him / he had been watered that day.




А. Translate into English using “suggest” or “offer”.

1. Людоед предложил принцессе пойти в ресторан. The ogre suggested the princess going to the restaurant.

2. Знакомый его отца предложил ему работу. His father’s friend offered him a job.

3. Она критиковала все его идеи, но сама ничего не предлагала. She criticized all his ideas but didn’t suggest anything herself.

4. Режиссер предложил мне главную роль в новом фильме. The producer offered me the main part in a new film.

5. Председатель предложил перенести заседание на следующую неделю. The chairman suggested putting off the meeting till next week.

6. Художник предложил ему купить несколько своих картин. The painter suggested him buying a few of his paintings.

7. Родители предложили свою помощь. The parents offered their help.

8. Я предложил встретить пиратов на вокзале, но они отказались. I offered to meet the pirates at the station but they refused.

9. Редактор предложил изменить название книги. The editor suggested changing the name of the book.

10. Он предложил нам остаться у него. He offered us to stay at his place.

11. В букинистическом магазине троллю предложили за книгу 150 рублей. In the bookshop the troll was offered 150 rubles for the book.

12. Мне предложили поработать гидом летом. I was offered to work as a guide in the summer.


B. Fill in the blanks with “possibility”, “opportunity” or “chance” with an article where necessary.

1. We do not often have an opportunity/ chance of hearing first-rate orchestras in the provinces.

2. I had an opportunity to work as an interpreter at an international conference, which was very good practice for me.

3. There is a possibility/ chance that the lecture will be cancelled.

4. If you havean opportunity/ chance to go to Africa, don’t miss it.

5. His English is so poor that he has no chance of passing the exam.

6. Please finish your talk at about half past eight, in order to give people an opportunity to ask questions.

7. Have you considered the possibility of changing the title?

8. I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking Mrs. Bennett for her cooperation.

9. There still stayed a slim possibility of finding the ring.

10. Children at modern secondary schools have little opportunity of going on to higher education.

11. There are many opportunities for specialists in computer science nowadays.

12. (To a doctor) – Is there any possibility/ chance of recovery?

13. (A teacher to a student who has failed a test twice) – I’ll give you one more chance .

14. There is a slight possibility of snow. The sky is so bright and clear.

15. International youth festivals give young people from different countries an opportunity to understand each other better.

16. We must exclude the possibility of his staying at work overtime. Do you have his work number?

17. Equality of opportunities is very difficult to achieve because of differing home backgrounds.

18. It was the witch’s lastchance of a holiday.

19. The possibility of his coming in time is very little. He isn’t in the least punctual.

20. There are unlimited opportunities for development in this field.


C. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of “realize” or “understand”

1. Do yourealize what time it is?

2. Do you understand this word?

3. I don’t understand modern art.

4. The dwarf suddenly realized that it was his mother’s birthday.

5. Do theyrealize that you need help?

6. I can’t understand why he behaves like that.

7. I understand that you have a computer for sale. (I have been informed.)

8. I realize that it’s rather late but perhaps it would be better to discuss the matter now.

9. Many years later his plan was realized .

10. Then she realized that he was serious about resigning.

11. I didn’t understand his explanation.

12. You don’t seem to realize how difficult life is for them.

13. I never realized before how old the building was.

14. Everyone should be made to realize the importance of disarmament.


D. Fill in the blanks with “do” or “make” in the appropriate form.

1. After the witch did the washing up she went out to do the shopping.

2. Although I did my best, I’m afraid I made several mistakes.

3. When you have done your homework, could you please make the beds?

4. You have to make a decision soon.

5. A few days in the country would do me good.

6. You will make more progress if you do the exercises correctly.

7. John made a fortune on the Stock Exchange.

8. Those children make so much noise!

9. Soldiers must always do their duty.

10. She does such good work that she always makes a good impression.

11. To see the dentist, you’ll have to make an appointment.

12. They’ve decided to make some improvements before moving into the office.

13. After I did my Maths homework, I had my mother make sure it was all right.

14. She usually does business with foreigners.

15. She was doing some research when she made the discovery.

16. To make a success of this business we will have to make some changes.

17. Would you make an effort to do this translation by next week?

18. The princess made her excuses for not attending the meeting.

19. Someone has made an offer for the house.

20. Eating too many sweets can do harm to your health.

21. The elf made a very strange remark.

22. I recommend you to promise little and do much.

23. Do as you are told.

24. Pete made no answer.

25. We had been there about three months, and my mother made friends with some people called Blacksmith.

26. I beg you to do nothing of the kind.

27. What made you come here?

28. I have an appointment to make .

29. Will you please do the room?

30. I am making a report at the meeting.

31. The dwarf made his mind to sell the house.

32. She made her living by doing translations.

33. Will you do me a favour?

34. If you don’t make an effort, you won’t make any progress.




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