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Replies to enquiry letters/ Inquiry Replies.

All enquiries should be answered, even those that cannot for some reason. An inquiry indicates interest in your company and a potential customer. The inquiry reply should be designed not only to increase that interest, but to inspire the inquirer to action. An inquiry reply should begin by thanking the reader, acknowledging the interest in your company. The substance of an inquiry reply is usually information. You should include not only the specific facts your correspondent requested, but any others that may be of help. If the information requested cannot be provided at all, if it is confidential, you should explain this in your letter.

A reply to an inquiry will generally:

1. Thank the writer of the letter of inquiry;

2. Supply all information requested and refer both to enclosures and to samples, catalogues and other items being sent by separate post;

3. Provide additional information;

4. Conclude with one or two line encouraging the customer to place orders and assuring him/her of good service.


1. lead time/ delivery time Ц срок поставки

2. stock (room) Ц склад

3. ex works Ц со склада, с завода, с предпри€ти€

4. delivery method Ц способ доставки

5. courier Ц курьер

6. forwarder Ц перевозчик

7. total price Ц обща€ стоимость

8. VAT inclusive Ц включа€ Ќƒ—

9. exclusive of VAT Ц без Ќƒ—

10. quoted in US dollars Ц цены в долларах —Ўј

11. bank charge Ц банковска€ комисси€

12. payment terms Ц услови€ оплаты

13. prepayment Ц предоплата

Some useful phrases and word combinations:

Acknowledging receipt of an enquiry/request:

Ц Thank you for your letter of Е regarding / concerning / in connection with Е

Ц I refer to your enquiry about / relating to Е

Ц I have received your letter of Е requesting information about Е


Explaining action taken as a consequence of the enquiry:

Ц I have (reviewed our available stock) Е

Ц We held a meeting on 21 January to discuss possible solutions.

Ц I have checked/looked into/investigated (the possible approaches) Е


Making suggestions / justifying recommendations / pointing out pros and cons / hedging:

Ц The best choice would be Е since Е

Ц I highly recommend Е as / due to the fact that Е

Ц Е would probably be more suitable because Е

Ц Е seems to suit you better although Е

Ц Perhaps you should choose Е even though Е

Ц I suggest that you (should) choose Е

Ц I recommend this item since Е

Ц In view of the fact that Е, I would strongly recommend Е as Е


Apologizing and rejecting proposals:

Ц While I appreciate your firmТs need for this information, I regret that Е

Ц It will not be possible to Е for legal reasons. We are bound to Е

Ц Your proposal is of interest to us, and we have had consultations about it.

Ц However, we feel that it will not be in our interests to Е for reasons of (privacy).

Ц We are concerned that Е


Stipulating action requested or to be taken:

Ц We shall arrange for Е by Еat the latest.

Ц I shall see to it that Е

Ц Our company will arrange for Е


Establishing goodwill and suggesting contact:

Ц I hope this suggestion/information will be useful to you.

Ц I hope this information will prove useful to you.

Ц I hope that this information will help you to make decisions on your order.

Ц I look forward to hearing from you.

Ц I look forward to receiving your confirmation of Е

Ц I look forward to doing business with your company in the future Е

Ц Please feel free to contact me again if you have any further queries on Е

Ц Do contact me on 27615432 if you need further information.

Ц Please do not hesitate to contact me on 27615432 if I can be of further assistance.


Exercise 1.Read the reply to enquiry find in it the following extracts:

Ц the one containing thanks;

Ц saying that it is necessary to enclose some papers;

Ц containing detailed information about samples;

Ц informing us about prices;

Ц giving details about the advertisements.


Dear Mrs. Harrison I was very pleased to receive your enquiry of 15 January and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details requested. A full range of samples has also been sent by separate post. When you have had an opportunity to examine them, I feel confident you will agree that the goods are excellent in quality and very reasonable priced. On regular purchases of quantities of not less than 500 individual items, we would allow a trade discount of 33 %. For payment within 10 days from receipt of invoice, an extra discount of 5% of net price would be allowed. Polyester cotton products are rapidly becoming popular because they are strong, warm and light. After studying our prices you will not be surprised to learn that we are finding it difficult to meet the demand. However, if you place your order not later than the end of this month, we guarantee delivery within 14 days of receipt. I am sure you will also be interested to see information on our other products which are shown in our catalogue; if further details are required on any of these please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.   Yours sincerely,  


Exercise 2.Match the beginnings and ends of these sentences.

1. I was pleased to learn Е .

2. We look forward Е .

3. We shall be pleased Е .

4. Please let me know Е

5. Thank you for Е

6. I hope that this information Е

7. Your proposal is of interest to us,

8. We held a meeting

9.If you require any further information

10. We trust we have supplied sufficient information

11.We kindly ask you


a) to send you any further information you may need.

b) to receiving a trial order from you soon.

c) your enquiry dated Е regarding Е .

d) that you are interested in our (name of product).

e) if you need any further details.

f) to discuss possible solutions.

g) and we have had consultations about it.

h) will help you to make decisions on your order.

i)to confirm the present offer by fax.

j)we shall be happy to let you have this, on request.

k)for your requirements.


Exercise 3.Put the sentences of the letter in the correct order.

a)The terms of payment are the subject of negotiations.

b) With reference to your enquiry of June 2nd we are pleased to confirm that we manufacture the goods you are interested in.

c) Yours faithfully, N.V. Popov.

d) We hope our offer meets your requirements and will result in an appropriate order.

e) Our current price-list is enclosed herewith. Please note that our price is understood to be FOB London, delivery time: three months after the order received.

f) Head of Import Dpt.

g) Dear Sirs:

h) Your prompt reply will be appreciated.


1. Е 3. Е 5. Е 7. Е

2. Е 4. Е 6. Е 8. Е

Exercise 4.Read the following letterand write your reply to it.

International Student Exchange Foundation King's University London U.K. 3 Jul 2009   HK Polytechnic University Kowloon Hong Kong Dear Mr. Invitation to Join the International Student Exchange Foundation   As Membership Coordinator of the International Student Exchange Foundation, I would like to invite you to become a member of our foundation.   The International Student Exchange Foundation promotes international links between students and arranges student exchanges and work placements abroad.   We try to match students from different countries with each other so that they can go on exchanges to each other's universities, and undertake work placements in each other's countries. We help with finding scholarships, bursaries, grants and low-interest loans to finance these activities.   If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the enclosed application form, and write a short letter stating if you are interested in a student exchange, a work placement or both. Please also state where you would like to go, and for how long. We currently have opportunities in Aruba, Grenada, Mozambique, Taiwan and the Falkland Islands.   I look forward to hearing from you.   Yours sincerely Jane Smith Jane Smith Membership Coordinator International Student Exchange Foundation   Encl: Application Form


Exercise 5.Write the reply from Allwood and Sons Ltd, 22 Highland Way, Ashford, Kent by saying thank for the inquiry. They enclose the catalogue showing all details of the product you need, the type, the price. They also offer special discount (10%) if the order is more than 500 details. The quality is high and suitable with the market demand. Unfortunately, the booklets only use international language and cannot be translated in your language.


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