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Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Употребление существительных с указательными местоимениями


В этот вечер This evening
В этот день This afternoon
На этой неделе This week
В эти дни These days
В этот раз This time
Той ночью That night
В тот день That day/on that day
В те времена In those days
В то время At that time


Упражнение 50

Выберите соответствующий эквивалент.

1. (В то) время я была занята.

a) at that time b) this time c) in this time

2. (В этот раз) он никого не увидел.

a) this time b) that time c) in this time

3. (В те) времена было много интересного.

a) this time b) in those days c) at that time

4. (Эти) новости шокирующие.

a) this news b) these news c) those news

5. (В ту) ночь был сильный шторм.

a) that night b) this night c) in that night

6. (Те) дети были счастливы.

a) these b) those c) this

7. (Эти) люди – хорошие юристы.

a) these b) those c) this

8. (В этом) году погода будет непредсказуемой.

a) this year b) that year c) in this year

9. Мы встретимся (на этой) неделе.

a) this week b) that week c) on this week

10. Я не видел (этих) денег.

a) these b) this c) those

11. (В те) дни они были молоды.

a) in those days b) in these days c) these days

12. (В этот раз) она была готова.

a) this time b) that time c) that day

13. (В ту) ночь они были одни.

a) in this night b) that night c) on this night



Упражнение 51

Заполните пропуски артиклями the или a где необходимо.

1. _____ carrots we bought yesterday have gone off already.

2. I’m afraid _____ coffee keeps me awake.

3. You know _____ book I lost? I found it in my briefcase!

4._____ death of her brother came as a great shock to her.

5.We all fear ______ death.

6. I agree that_____ lessons can be fun, but not _____ lessons we had this morning!

7. There are some people who think _____ unemployment is going to increase even more sharply in the future.


Упражнение 52

Вставьте пропущенные артикли.

1. My hostel room has ____ lucky number.

a) the b) - c) a

2. There is _____ snack bar on the first floor of the hall of Residence.

a) a b) c) the

3. I always avoid _____ spicy food.

a) the b) - c) a

4. Usually I don’t eat _____ meat, but I liked _____ meat I tasted in that Chinese restaurant.

a) -/the b) the/- c) a/the

5. I feel happy - I’ve got _____ academic grant to Harvard University.

a) - b) the c) an

6. Do you like ______ fast food?

a) the b) an c) -

7. I prefer civilized places like _____ spas, ____ sea and mountain resorts, ____ health resorts, and _____ boarding houses.

a) a b) the c) -

8. Lawn tennis is my favorite kind of sport. It was _____ love at first sight.

a) a b) the c) –

9. Thank you for ______ nice dinner.

a) a b)- c) the

10. Never travel by ___ plane – I have a fear of _____ heights.

a) -/- b) a/the c) the/a



Упражнение 53

Вставьте пропущенные артикли.

1. Sorry, I don’t speak ______ word of German.

2. What’s _____ departure time?

3. There is _____ lovely view from my _____ balcony.

4. We’ll have ____ picnic lunch of _____ sandwiches and _____ coffee.

5. What time do you serve ______ breakfast?

6. I’d like ___ _room with _____ private bath and _______ shower and ______ view of _____ sea.

7. I’d like _______ extra pillow.

8. I’m afraid there’s something wrong with ______ TV set in _____ my room, could you have ______ look at it?

9. Do you have any facilities for playing _____ tennis in your hotel?

10. I’ve noticed _______ free parking lot just round _______ corner.


Упражнение 54

Вставьте пропущенные артикли.

We are glad to invite you to our tour around (1)____ world! This guided tour includes (2)_____ visit to (3)____ United States, where you spend (4)____ two weeks in Los Angeles; (5) ____ visit to (6)____ Wild West and (7)_____Hollywood; and finally a week on (8)______ shores of (9)______ Pacific Ocean in (10)_____ Hilton Hotel in (11)_____San Francisco. From there you fly to (12)_____Japan, where there are (13)____ trips to (14)_____ Mount Fuji. You go on to (15)____ China where you spend (16)_____ exciting week visiting (17)_____ Beijing, (18)_____ capital of (19)_____ country and (20)_____Hong Kong. Then (21)_____ tour continues with (22)_____ stops in all (23)_____ exotic places of (24)_____ Far East. You have (25)_____ chance to see (26)_____ Thailand, (27)_____ Philippines, (28)_____ Java, (29)_____ India and (30)_____ Egypt. (31)_____ India is famous for (32)_____ Taj Mahal and (33)_____ Himalayas, and (34)_____ Egypt – for (35)_____ Pyramids and (36)_____ Nile. Next stop is (37)_____Netherlands where you can enjoy riding (38)______ bicycle. In (39)_____ Switzerland you can taste (40)_____ Swiss chocolate and (41)_____ cheese and buy (42)_____ world famous Swiss watches. From there you will fly to (43)_____ Moscow. You will visit (44)_____ Red Squire, (45)_____Kremlin, (46)_____ Bolshoi Theatre, (47)_____ Tretyakov Gallery there. When you touch down again at (48)_____ Heathrow Airport you will be (49)______ seasoned traveler.


Упражнение 55

Составьте вопросы, начинающиеся с how much или how many, и ответьте на них.

1. _____________ states are there in the USA – 36, 49, 51 or 60?

2. _____________ Coca-Cola is drunk in the world in one day – one million bottles or 110 million


3. ____________ planets (Mercury, Venus etc.) are there – 7, 8, 11, or 13?

4. ____________ keys are there on a piano – 70, 82, or 88?

5. ____________ air is there in our lungs – half a liter, one and a half liters or two and a half liters?

6. ____________ Beatles were there –3, 4 or 5?

7. ____________ of a person is water – 40%, 60% or 80%?


Упражнение 56

Составьте специальные вопросы.

1. My group-mate is the best candidate for the programme. (Who…)

2. She is 20. (How old…)

3. They are interested in Natural Sciences. (What…)

4. We are from Russia. (Where …)

5. Architecture is my major. (What…)

6. There are 21 faculties at our University. (How many…)

7. He has got a lot of close friends. (What friends…)

8. There were some of my relatives in London. (Where…)

9. You are good with computers. (What …)

10. At first it was blood, sweat and tears. (When…)


Упражнение 57

Составьте альтернативные вопросы.

1. My girl friend is a future lawyer. (journalist)

2. You will be 20 next year. (21)

3. She is fond of yoga. (ball dancing)

4. We have got a very busy schedule this term. (not)

5. London is famous for its rainy weather. (sunny)


Упражнение 58

Составьте разделительные вопросы.

1. I am not late.

2. You have got my e-mail address.

3. We will be just on time.

4. Your name is John.

5. There are six names on the list all in all.


Упражнение 59

Составьте вопросы к следующим ответам.

1. -I am a well- read and smart guy.

2. -I am not. Sport is not my priority.

3. -No, I won’t. I am short of time.

4. -I have got a lot of friends in my native town.

5. -In 1996.

6. -She is two years my junior.

7. -I am from Russia.

8. –Art.

9. -Not at all.

10. -At first it was.


Упражнение 60

Вставьте предлоги, где необходимо.

1. We are happy to meet all _____ you here and greet you on behalf _____the Expert Committee.

2. Let me introduce_____ my colleagues and_____ myself.

3. I am a Professor _____ Law from Manchester.

4. I am the Head_____ this Committee.

5. She is very good_____ languages.

6. She speaks_____ Italian, English and French fluently _____ well _____ some Russian.

7. I am interested_____ languages.

8. Thank you very much_____ your answers.

9. What were your favorite subjects_____ school?

10. I was and am crazy_____ computers.

11. You are good_____ computers, aren’t you?

12. What else are you interested_____?

13. I was born_____ Izhevsk, _____ the 21st _____ August_____ 1990.

14. Thank you_____ the interview.

15. I am going to be a father_____ two months.

16. What faculty are you_____ ?

17. What field of art are you keen_____ ?

18. This country is famous_____ its design schools.

19. It was blood, sweat and tears _____the beginning.

20. It was nice to have a talk____ you! Good luck!



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