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Read the text and find the answers to the following questions. 1. What is cultural competence?

1. What is cultural competence?

2. What doesthis ability depend on?

3. What can cultural problems endanger?

4. What spheres can problems arise in?

5. What can different perceptions of time cause?

6. What calendar does the business world generally run on ?


Match the two parts to make a correct sentence.

1. The more different cultures work together a) in how they view time.
2. Developing cultural competence results b) on the western secular year, beginning with January 1 and ending with December 31.
3. Cultures differ c) as people require time off to observe their holidays.
4. The business world generally runs d) the more cultural competency training is essential to avoid problems.
5. These variations affect the workplace e) in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Find in the text the words that match to the following definitions.

1) the condition of being capable; ability;

2) to put in danger;

3) not eager; unwilling; disinclined;

4) to regard or represent as larger or greater, more important or more successful, etc., than is true;

5) the state or quality of being different or varied;

6) the act or the effect of perceiving;

7). a time limit for any activity;

8) to follow (a custom, tradition, law, holiday, etc.).


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