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The style of official documents and its substyles.

The main aim is to reach an agreement & to state the conditions joining to parties in an undertaken. These parties may be the state and citizen, a society & it’s members, two or more governments.


­ composition;

­ extensive use of special terminology;

­ clichés;

­ use of abbreviations;

­ the w-s are used in their logical dictionary mng;

­ there is no rule for contextual mng.

A) Diplomatic doc-s.

Types: agreement; declaration; treats; conventions; memorandum; engagement; amendment.

Parts of diplomatic documents are the following:

●the preamble: – names of parties; – the purpose for which the doc-s were concluded.

●substantive clauses are known as a body.

●the formal or final clauses – it includes the date of the doc-t, the mode of acceptance, opening the doc-s for signature, enter force or duration.

● formal acknowledgement of signature.

● signature by plenipotentiaries.

Diplomatic terminology includes:

­ terms proper: to dispatch, negotiator, ambassador.

­ w-s are used in the sphere international relationships in some special mng: instrument stands gor doc-s, article -//- part of a treaty, parties -//- sides in a contract, provision -//- statement.

­ the use of non-assimilating bor-ng mainly from Latin&French.

­ the use of obsolete & archaic w-s.

­ the separate sent-es are usually divided by not full stop, but by commas & semicolons.

B) Business doc-s.

Business doc-s are characterized by high level of standardization, i.e. these doc-s are combination of ready-made forms & stereotypic phrases. The body of doc-s should be coined without explanation or written in short direct sent-es to avoid ambiguity and senselessness (foolishness).

C) Legal documents.

Law includes many activities, that’s why whoever composes many doc-s must be absolutely sure that it says exactly what he wants to say & gives no opportunity for misinterpretation. Therefore legal writing is not spontaneous, but copied from books the sentences are usually very long & the whole doc-t may be composed of 1 single sent-es.

Capitalization was chosen as a means of revealing it’s structure.

D) Military doc-s.

Military doc-s may be: ● maps; ●plans; ●estimates. That’s why the common feature is composition.


­ clishes

­ terms

­ symbols

­ abbreviations: ATK- attack, CA – civil administration.

­ w-s are used in direct mng

­ absence of any emotiveness

­ encoded character of the lng

Syntactically the sent-es are short, simple, no exclamatory & negative sent-es.


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