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Exercise 37. Insert articles where necessary.

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1. What __ strange feeling it was to be going home when it was not home, and to find that every object I looked at reminded me of __ happy old home which was like __ dream I could never dream again. (Dickens) 2. On her face 1 saw __ placid and sweet expression of __ : lady whose picture had looked at me downstairs. It seemed to my imagination as if __ portrait had grown womanly and __ original remained __ child. (Dickens) 3. Rebecca's mother had had __ education somewhere and her daughter spoke __ French with __ purity and __ Parisian accent.lt was in those days rather __ rare accomplishment, and led to her engagement with __ orthodox Miss Pinkerton. (Thackeray) 4. He had __ wit, __ keen sense of __ humour, __ sense of pathos. (Dreiser) 5. __ one thing that really interested him in connection with his parents was __ existence somewhere in __ east in __ small city called Lycurgus... of __ uncle, __ brother of his father's. (Dreiser) 6. But __ bed I made up for myself was sufficiently uncomfortable to give me __ wakeful night, and I thought __ good deal of what __ unlucky Dutchman had told me. (Maugham) 7. We went down __ corridors, down __ stone stairs. We crossed over __ Park by __ lake; one of __ pelicans was spreading its wings. __ trees- were creaking in. __ blustery wind; on __ grass, __ first leaves had fallen. It was __ dark evening, with __ clouds, low and grey, driving across from __ west. (Snow) 8. I breathed deeply two or three times, but felt _ little calmer, __ enormity of __ situation was too overpowering. (Clark) 9. __ English of __ 14th century differs from __ Modern English. 10. He was young still, and in __ few years he would look back on all his misery with __ sadness in which there would be something not unpleasurable. (Maugham) 11. After __ lights within, it was very dark, and __ night was enormous and silent with __ intensity which for __ moment made her pause in __ awe. She was in __ unfamiliar street. It was __ damp night, with rare stars. (Murdoch) 12. I had often new temptations afterwards to wonder whether it was really singular, or only singular to me, that he, who was __ most grateful of mankind upon __ least occasion, should so desire to escape __ gratitude of others. (Dickens) 13. Large drops of __ rain, which pattered every now and then against __ windows of __ chaise, seemed to warn __ travellers of __ rapid approach of __ stormy night. (Dickens) 14. It's pleasant to get used to __ expensive, __ soft, __ comfortable. (Stone) 15. __ children of __ poor know but __ few pleasures. Even __ cheap delights of __ childhood must be bought and paid for. (Dickens) 16. And there began for Soames __ most confused evening he had ever spent. For in his heart were — great gladness and __ great pity, and he must not show __ sign of either. (Galsworthy) 17. __ walls, down which ran __ number and variety of ^ __ pipes and cables, were painted in two contrasting shades of green — dark up to __ height of five foot, lighter above that. (Clark) 18. In __ evening __ weather broke, __ wind shifted from __ South to __ North-East and brought __ rain first and then __ sleet and __ snow. (?. Bronte) 19. __ Miller said all kinds of beautiful things about __ friendship, which Hans took down in __ note-book and used to read over at __ night, for he was __ very good scholar. (Wilde) 20. She drew __ little away from him; then perceived that unwittingly she had done __ right thingr for he at once tried to take her hand again. And this was her first lesson too in __ nature of __ man. (Galsworthy) 21. __ London train was on __ point of __ departure. It was yet __ early morning, __ hour of __ milkmen and __ postmen __ station had __ chill, unused, deserted look; __, passengers were few. (Bennett) 22. In __ hands of __ strong, like himself when he was at his best, __ law was __ sword and __ shield, __ trap to place before __ feet of __ unwary; __ pit to dig in __ path of those who might pursue. (Dreiser) 23. It had been __ severe winter, and __ snow lay deep in __ gorges of __ mountains. (Conan Doyle) 24. __ point is that __ art now is just __ subject for conversation; and anything that anybody can understand (at __ first sight is not worth talking about and therefore not __. art. (Galsworthy) 25. I do not consider that __ cigars and whisky he consumed at my expense, and __ few dollars, borrowed with __ civil air of conferring. __ favour upon me, that passed from my pocket to his, were in any way equivalent to __ entertainment he afforded me. I remained his debtor. (Maugham) 26. He was __ psycho-pathologist as well as __ student of __ art, and __ subconscious had __ few secrets from him. (Maugham) 27. And now he was in __ large bedroom overlooking __ Thames, __ chamber with __ writing table, __ sofa, __ telephone, __ electric bells and __ massive oak door with __ lock and __ key in __ lock. (Bennett) 28. __ sun comes up from __ East and goes down to ; __ West. (Shaw) 29. As that day closed in, __ girl's excitement increased; and when __ night came on... there was __ unusual paleness in her cheek, and __ fire in her eye, that even Sikes observed with __ astonishment. (Dickens) 30. Mr. Skimpole could play __ piano and __ violoncello; and he was __ composer, had composed half __ opera once, and played what he composed with __ taste. After __ tea we had quite __ little concert, in which Richard and Mr. Jarndyce and 1 were __ audience. (Dickens) 31. In __ civil life, Cassilis was __ stage-designer on __ threshold of __ brilliant career. He was __ quiet man, mildly handsome, mildly intellectual, mildly witty. He was fond of __ women in __ quiet sort of way, but behaved with them always as if he were in search of __ good quiet wife. (Hansford Johnson) 32. Though __ young man was __ honest fellow, and __ son of] __ honest father, __ latter had died so early, and his widow had J had such struggles to maintain herself, that __ son was very irn-1 perfectly educated. (Hardy) 33. Next day, Margaret and I had to ! leave __ house after __ tea. __ weather had not changed. Just as when we arrived, it was __ evening so tranquil that __ chimney smoke seemed painted on __ sky, and in __ air there was __ smell of burning leaves. (Snow) 34. They never, one felt, dressed carelessly, ; said __ wrong word, were __ prey to __ untidy passion. (Greene) 35. __ Herzogs moved to __ midwest. (Bellow) 36. She was __ mountain-bred and ever __ lover of __ mountains. She could see __ little beauty in __ sea, and that only of __ terrible and overwhelming kind. (Buck) 37. __ very tall and very good-looking man who entered seemed about thirty-eight years old. His clean-shaven face was full of __ health, his eyes full of __ light, his dark hair had __ fleck or two of premature grey in it. (Galsworthy) 38. I've been taught ' __ Latin, and __ Greek, and __ mathematics. (Eliot) 39. At __ dusk, on __ evening of St. Valentine's day, Boldwood sat down to __ supper as usual. (Hardy) 40. Dinny wrote __ letter to her brother in which she said nothing of __ Hallorsen, __ Saxenden, or __ Tasburghs, but discoursed in lively fashion of __ Aunt Em, Boswell and Johnson, __ Uncle Adrian, __ Lady Henrietta... (Galsworthy) 41. I guessed that __ women would likej her as much as __ men, that if there was __ little tenderness in her nature, there was also no spite. (Hansford Johnson) 42. He left __ kitchen, went in __ dining-room and excused himself to __ Aunt Alexandra, put on his hat and went to __ town. (Lee)



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