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Exercise 38. Follow the direction for Exercise 37.

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1. He had not been here five minutes when __ vivid flash of lightning was followed by __ loud peal of thunder, that crashed and rolled away in __ distance with terrific noise; then came another flash of lightning brighter than __ other, and __ second peal of thunder, louder than __ first. (Dickens) 2. Sedov died on his way to __ North Pole. Most of __ members of his expedition died too. __ Soviet Government built __ Arctic station at __ place where Sedov died, and from that station another expedition, this time __ Soviet expedition, went to — North and set — Soviet flag over __ North Pole. 3. Glinka was born in 1804. His uncle had __ orchestra of his own. Very often __ boy would take up __ violon and try to repeat __ notes and rhythm of __ music he had heard. In 1818 __ Glinkas went to St. Petersburg, where Mikhail was placed in __ boarding school at __ St. Petersburg Central Pedagogical Institute. In 1830 Glinka went to Italy, where he stayed for __ number of years. However, it was St. Petersburg that was __ Glinka's home for __ greater part of his life. __ St. Petersburg of Pushkin played __ great part in. __ Glinka's life. — man and __ human soul are expressed in __ Glinka's music with __ deep sincerity and understanding. (Soviet Literature) 4. She [Lillian] was s]ightly taller than he... and shapely, artistic in __. form and __ feature. Her hair was __ colour of — dried English walnut and her complexion waxen, with __ lips of faint pink and eyes that varied from gray to blue and from gray to brown according to. __ light in which you saw them. Her beauty measured up to his present sense of __ artistic. (Dreiser) 5. There were __ number of young women who were very friendly to her, but there were _ few with whom she was really intimate. __ only person who stood out in her mind was __ certain Mary Calligan... who had attended __ school with Aileen in former years and was now __ teacher in one of __ local schools. (Dreiser) 6. Dick Stroeve, giving up his work entirely, nursed Strickland with __ tenderness and __ sympathy. He was dexterous to make him comfortable, and he exercised — cunning of which I should never have thought him capable to induce him to take _ medicine prescribed by __ doctor. I shall never forget __ tactful patience with which he persuaded him to take — nourishment. (Maugham) 7. __ reddish, fitful light was coming from __ window above. Great God! His picture gallery! He ran to — foot of __ stairs that led up to it. __ stealthy sound, __ scent of burning much more emphatic, staggered him. He hurried up __ stairs and pulled open __ door. Heavens! __ far end of __ gallery, at __ extreme left comer of __ house, was on fire. (Galsworthy) 8. Rosa knocked several times without getting any answer and had stepped back tin to __ pavement to look up at __ closely curtained windows when __ door opened very quietly to __ gap of __ few inches and с __ pale face peered out. Rosa sprang forwards with such __ alacrity that __ owner of, __ face immediately shut __ door again, and Rosa could hear __ chain being fixed. With this additional safeguard __ door opened once more to __ narrow slit and Rosa could see one pale blue eye looking out at her. (Murdoch) 9. But though so bad __ painter he had __ very delicate feeling for __ art, and to go with him to __ picture galleries was __ rare treat. I think 1 have never known __ man whose judgement was surer. And he was better educated than __ most painters. He was not ignorant of __ kindred arts, and his taste for __ music and __ literature gave __ depth and variety to his comprehension of __ painting. To __ young man like myself his advice and guidance was of __ incomparable value. (Maugham) 10. __ Volterras had __ six-room apartment with __ hall which was like __ cord holding all '. __ small rooms together. __ kitchen was nearest to __ front door, then came three bedrooms, and __ bath, __ dining room, and, at __ far end, __ living room. Despite __ smallness of __ rooms, they had __ neat cosy quality that gave Erik __ comfortable feeling. (Wilson) 11. Mrs. Pryor looked round her, and spoke of __ neighbourhood as she had once before seen it long ago. She... compared its aspect with that of other parts of England: revealing in quiet, unconscious touches of description __ sense of __ picturesque, __ appreciation of __ beautiful or __ commonplace, __ power of comparing __ wild with __ cultured... that gave to her discourse — graphic charm as pleasant as it was unpretending. (Ch. Bronte) 12. They found themselves in __ matted hall, lined almost to __ ceiling with __ pictures; through this they were conducted to __ large parlour, with __ magnificent fire in __ grate; __ most cheerful of rooms it appeared as _ whole, and when you came to examine details, __ enlivening effect was not diminished. There was no splendour, but there was __ taste everywhere, __ taste, you would have said, of __ travelled man, __ scholar, and __ gentleman. __ series of Italian views decked __ walls; each of them was __ specimen of __ true art; __ connoisseur had selected them. (Ch. Bronte) 13. Mrs. Dubedut is __ arrestingly good-looking young woman. She has something of __ grace and romance of __ wild creature, with __ good deal of __ elegance and dignity of __ fine lady. She has __ figure on which any dress would look well, and carries herself with — unaffected distinction of __ woman who has never in her life suffered from those doubts and fears as to her social position which spoil __ mannens of __ most middling people. (Shaw) 14. "I know," said Darnay, "that between you and Miss Manette there is __ affection so unusual, so touching, so belonging to __ circumstances in which it has been nurtured, that it can have __ few parallels, even in __ tenderness between __ father and __ child." (Dickens) 15. It is hard that __ man's exterior should tally so little sometimes with his soul. Dirk Stroeve had __ passion of Romeo in __ body of Sir Toby Belch. He had __ sweet and generous nature, and yet was always blundering; __ real feeling for what was beautiful and __ capacity to create only what was commonplace; __ peculiar delicacy of sentiment and __ gross manners. He could exercise __ tact when dealing with __ affairs of others, but none when dealing with his own. What __ cruel practical joke __ old Nature played when she flung so many contradictory elements together, and left __ man __ face to __ face with __ perplexing callousness of __ Universe. (Maugham) 16. Charmian, who had taken __ great fancy to Ellen, spoke of her warmly. At last, she felt, here was __ suitable wife for me; and she did her best to jockey me into __ marriage. __ experience of worrying about my future was __ soothing one to her, taking her mind off her own troubles. (Hansford Johnson)



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