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Методические подходы к анализу финансового состояния предприятия

Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


Exercise 3. Point out the reflexive pronouns and define their function.

1. Much more than most politicians Gave knew himself. (Snow) 2. Meanwhile, he paraded himself gloriously before this young man. (Priestley) 3. Of course, I myself used to be very wealthy... (Clark) 4. He was not doubting the logic, he realized suddenly; what he was doubting was himself. (Jones) 5. Still, he must be thankful that she had been too young to do anything in that war itself. (Galsworthy) 6. Simon calmed himself with an effort. (Sheckley) 7. But you might remember that one respects oneself more afterwards -if one pays one's way. (Galsworthy) 8. Miss Adele Gerry opened the door herself. (I. Shaw) 9. He sunned himself in Chanton's admiring gaze. (Priestley) 10. What was the use even of loving, if love itself had to yield to death? (Galsworthy) 11. This is where we wash ourselves, Eliza, and where I am going to wash you. (Shaw) 12. Gevaert cleared his throat and addressed himself to me. (Clark) 13. They blamed themselves for this unlucky marriage. (Hardy) 14. The theatre manager himself... came to shake hands with them. (Priestley) 15. I have made myself perfectly pleasant here. (Shaw) 16. Several times he reminded himself that he had not rung up Shuckleworth yet. (Priestley) 17. He could talk races with Hurstwood, tell interesting incidents concerning himself. (Dreiser) 18. I want to be kept in constant touch with his progress myself. (Clark) 19. Anne's terror of being discovered in London or its neighbourhood, whenever they ventured to walk out, had gradually communicated itself to Mrs. Clements. (Collins) 20. Soames added: "Well, I hope, you'll both enjoy yourselves" (Galsworthy) 21. Cave might have concealed from others, but not from himself, that he profoundly envied Roger. (Snow)



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