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Exercise 5. Insert the Past Indefinite or Past Continuous.

1. Montanelli entered the room where Arthur __ for him at the supper table, (to wait) (Voynich) 2. Miss Marple's telephone rang when she __ (to dress) (Christie) 3. I lighted my pipe afresh and nodded to him to show that I __ (to listen) (Leacock) 4. Leila felt the girls __ really __ her. They __ towards the men. (to see — negative, to look) (Mansfield) 5. The Sergeant __ when his clients __. (to write, to enter) (Dickens) 6. She __ constantly __ me to lunch and dine with her and once or twice a year. __ me to spend a week-end at her house in the country, (to ask, to invite) (Maugham) 7. Gretta had the feeling that everyone __ at her, and she __ her eyes... (to look, to lower) (Caldwell) 8. For some seconds she stood watching him and both __ very quickly, (to think) (Weils) 9. They walked on a little and then he __ she __ (to see, to cry) (Maugham) 10. I looked at the First of the Barons. He __ salad, (to eat) (Mansfield) 11. Clyde __ as she talked how different she was from Hortense. (to think) (Dreiser) 12. Sir Henry looked into the lounge... In the lounge Hugo McLean __ a crossword puzzle and __ a good deal over it. (to do, to frown) (Christie) 13. The storm grew worse and worse, and the rain fell in torrents, and little Hans could not see where he __. (to go) (Wilde) 14. It was warm and cosy in the kitchen when he walked in. Madam Perier __ and her husband __ a Paris-Soir. Annette .— stockings, (to cook, to read, to darn) (Maugham)



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