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A pessimist is a person who always expects bad things to happen. Pessimists think that today's cars are in trouble because they use too much gas. They say the car of the future will be much, much smaller. The car of tomorrow will have no heater and no air conditioning. It'll have no radio and no lights. Tomorrow's car will be an open air car with no doors and windows. It won't need a pollution control system because it

won't use gas. In fact, drivers will push this new car with their feet. Very few people will be killed in accidents, because the top speed will be five miles per hour.

However, pessimists warn us not to ask for pretty colors, because the car will come in gray only.

Optimists are sure that the future will be happy. They think that car companies will soon solve all our problems by producing the Supercar. Tomorrow's car will be bigger, faster, and more comfortable than before. The Supercar will have four rooms,

color TV, running water, heat, air conditioning, and a swimming pool. Large families

will travel on long trips in complete comfort. If gas is in short supply, the Supercar will run on water. Finally, optimists promise that the car of the future will come in

any color, as long as the color is gray.

Exercise 8.2.


Answer these questions:


1. What is a pessimist?

2. Why are today's cars in trouble?

3. What will the car of the future look like, according to the pessimists?

4. Why won't it need a pollution control system?

5. How will it run?

6. Why will it be so safe?

7. How many colors will it come in?

8. What is an optimist?

9. How will car companies solve our problems?

10What will the Supercar look like?

11.How will it run?

12 How many colors will the Supercar come in?

Exercise 8. 3.Change the tense in the sentences according to the time markers.


Cars will be much, much smaller in the future, (since the gas shortage; before modern times; fifty years ago)

Cars have been much, much smaller since the gas shortage. Cars used to be much,

much smaller before modern times. Cars were much, much smaller fifty years ago.


1. The cars of tomorrow will have no heater and no air conditioning.

(today—often; fifty years ago; a few years from now)

2. Cars these days need pollution control systems. (in the future; last year; next year)

3. The driver always pushes his car with his feet. (next year; since the gas shortage; now)

4. Automobile accidents will kill many people in the future. (already; these days; every day)

5. The car comes in gray only. (next year; for many years; last year)

6. Car companies have just solved all our problems. (in two years; right now; six months from now)

7. In my youth, large families used to travel on long trips. (in a few years; these days; often)

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