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Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы


EXERCISE 4. Choose the correct answer.

1) If you are bored,... C... something else.

A you would do B you will do C do

2) ….. I you, I would look for a new job.

A Would be B Were C Had been

3) I ….. you if I had known you were in hospital.

A would visit B would have visited C will visit

4) If you ….. well, lie down for a while.

A hadn't felt B don't feel C didn't feel

5) Ice ….. if the temperature rises above 0°C.

A will melt B would melt C melts

6) Had I known about the meeting, I ….. it.

A would have attended B attended C will attend

7) If he ….. in the garden, he would have heard the doorbell.

A isn't B was C hadn't been

8) I ….. to the bank manager if I were you.

A would talk B will talk C talked


EXERCISE 5. Rewrite the sentences, as in the example.

Example: He doesn't know her. That's why he didn't speak to her.

If he knew her he would have s poken to her.

1. She doesn't have a mobile phone. That's why she couldn't be contacted yesterday.

2. Tom didn't see the boss earlier. He's waiting for him now.

3. He is allergic to seafood. That's why he didn't eat paella last night.

4. I lost my map. That's why I'm asking for directions now.

5. She doesn't speak French. She didn't have a good time in Paris.

6. He lost the race. He is not a champion now.

7. She didn't go to the bank yesterday. That's why she hasn't got any money now.

8. They went to a party last night. That's why they are tired now.

9. I crashed my car. That's why I'm taking the bus today.


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