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B. Fill in the blanks with lucky or happy.

1. Mrs. Brown is happy as her son is doing well at school.

2. Dickens novels have a happy end as a rule.

3. It is rather difficult to get tickets for the evening show. If you are lucky, ring me up!

4. How lucky we are! The weather is splendid for the picnic.

5. The King and the Queen were happy in married life.

6. The princess was happy to see the ogre again.

7. I was not lucky . When I reached the station the 5 oclock train had already left.

8. You are happy . I can see it in your eyes.

9. Though he was lucky in business, he was far from happy at home.

10. You are lucky to have had so many happy moments in your life.

C. Fill in the blanks with said, told, spoke or talked.

1. Jack told me that he was enjoying his new job.

2. The dragon said that it was a nice restaurant but I didnt like it much.

3. The doctor said that I would have to rest for at least a week.

4. The lecturer spoke about an hour and a half and then said we might ask questions.

5. Mrs. Taylor told us she wouldnt be able to come to the next meeting.

6. I didnt see the Dwarf yesterday but I spoke/talked to him on the phone.

7. Ann told Tom that she was going away.

8. Did you hear what he said? Yes, but I didnt understand anything. He spoke French.

9. George couldnt help me. He told to ask Jack.

10. At the meeting the chairman spoke about the problems facing the company.

11. When I was a child my Dad always told me bedtime stories.

12. Jill told us about her holiday in Australia.

13. When we last met the hippo spoke/told a lot about his son.

14. Jim was a good boy and always told the truth to the parents.

15. Yesterday a friend of mine came to see me. We talked for an hour or so and then she left.

D. Fill in the blanks with couple or pair.

1. That day the troubadour was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a sweater.

2. I have a couple of tickets for a football match.

3. Jack and Sally are a married couple .

4. Your boots are worn out. You badly need a new pair .

5. When I go away on business I take with me only a pair of trousers and a couple of shirts.

6. I need a couple of eggs for the cake.

7. Pinocchio went to the cinema with a couple of friends.

8. What a fine pair of eyes!

9. The crocodile got only a pair of galoshes for Christmas.

10. I was lucky to get a couple of seats for the new play.

11. We invited two couples for our party.

12. I cant find the pair for this sock.

13. We are very busy today and could do with an extra pair of hands.

14. Jeff is planning to stay in Glasgow for a couple of weeks.

15. Jenny is wearing a nice pair of earrings.

E. Fill in the blanks with between or among.

1. This matter must remain between us.

2. The job was divided between the two brothers.

3. There was no distinction made between usable toys and broken toys at the school bazaar.

4. The inheritance was divided among the dragon, his aunt and two cousins.

5. The disagreement among the workers in the factory was easily resolved.

6. The revolver lay between the two bodies.

7. Julia wandered among the guests looking for James.

8. The campers pitched their tents between the two trees.

9. There is a bridge between the island and the mainland.

10. We spent last summer among friends in Canada.

11. The excitement quickly spread among the crowd outside the hall.

12. You can choose between pancakes and oatmeal for breakfast.

13. Elephants and whales are among the biggest animals in the world.

14. A sandwich is two pieces of bread with a filling between.

15. I attended two lectures and had lunch between.

F. Fill in the blanks with hard or heavy.

1. A heavy rain was falling and we hurried to find a shelter.

2. This candy is too hard, no one can chew it.

3. We need some hard cheese to make the salad.

4. He looks a giant. How heavy is he?

5. Heavy industry isnt developed in this country.

6. This was hard work but we managed to cope with it together.

7. The princess is so moody and hard to please!

8. I had to wait for 10 minutes to cross the road as the traffic was heavy .

9. The teacher asked me a hard question.

10. This rucksack is too heavy for the boy.

11. This book is hard to read. Im going to return it to the library.

12. We had a hard time too, for my father had to go on half-pay.

13. I recognized the dragons heavy step on the stairs.

14. It is with a heavy heart that I speak to you today.

15. A heavy storm broke out that day.

G. Fill in the blanks with reason or cause.

1. I have a reason for not going to the meeting.

2. The cause why she did it remains a mystery.

3. Mr. Pitt resigned for personal reasons .

4. The cause of all your troubles is that you are terribly inattentive.

5. Your reason for not attending the class doesnt seem convincing.

6. Overeating is the cause of the ogres putting on weight.

7. Being ill is the only sufficient reason for missing the classes.

8. The cause of the crash is still unknown.

H. Fill in the blanks with alone or lonely.

1. Will you please help me? I cant lift this box alone .

2. Lets leave her alone and she will possibly calm down.

3. The witch must feel lonely in foreign lands.

4. Ann is so lonely after she has lost her only son.

5. Thats a very big apartment. Do you live here all alone?

6. You wont be alone, well be helping you all the time.

7. A lonely cliff was towering over the sea.

8. Children shouldnt be left home alone .


I. Fill in the blanks with besides or except.

1. He has read all of Shakespeares plays except one.

2. Besides being stupid he is also stubborn.

3. We have four sessions a day and besides we often have to stay after classes.

4. The store is open every day except Sunday.

5. The kitchen is small, the living room is shabby and besides there is no running water.

6. I havent told anyone except Leslies dad.

7. Except for one old lady, the bus was empty.

8. I have to solve lots of problems besides this one.

9. Have you invited anyone besides the Pitts?

10. Take a seat anywhere except in the front row.

11. Everyone understood the new grammar rules except Andrew.

12. I dont feel like joining you in the club tonight, besides I have a few letters to write.

13. The President campaigned in every state except Alaska.

14. Alice is very agreeable besides being pretty.


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