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D. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate tense forms, active or passive.

1. I promised the witch last week I would visit her the following day. But I did not come as I had been detained at work. So I phoned her and apologized for not coming.

2. I was greatly disappointed when I saw how much he had changed during the war.

3. I thought they would have left by the time we got there the following day. Yet, when we arrived we were surprised to find them waiting for us. We apologized and explained what had happened.

4. I have lived in this town since I came to this country five years ago. I love its quiet atmosphere and intend to stay here. When I first came here I was impressed by almost everything, although there were some things that seemed rather odd. It took me a long time to get used to the food and many other things. After a couple of years I began feeling so much at home that I almost forgot I had not been born here.

5. The dwarf’s cousins are arriving next month. He hopes that by the time they get here, his new house will have been built.

6. The ogre was having supper. Suddenly, when the first course was being served the prince dropped in. The ogre asked him to the table but the prince did not want to disturb the ogre and said he would come some other time.

7. The terrorists haven’t been caught. The police do not have the slightest idea about their whereabouts. Though some people remembered seeing suspicious strangers near the scene of crime, they had left by the time the police managed to get there. Some people suggested that a special unit should be assigned to the job, but the idea was quickly dropped for financial reasons.

8. While the witch was sitting in her room and watching television, she suddenly heard a strange noise that was coming from outside. She went to see what it was and was surprised to see the dragon who was standing under the window with a bunch of flowers.

9. When I was walking down the street, I met the dragon whom I hadn’t seen for ages. I asked him where he had been hiding all those months and he said that he just had come out of prison where he had been put for kidnapping the princess.

10. I knew a month ago that Basil the Cat had stolen Buratino’s money. I did not report it to the police. But now I am going to do this. If I got to the police immediately, I think, most of the problems would have been avoided.


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