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E. Use the words in the brackets to form a word that fits in each space. The first one is done for you.

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a) Events like city marathons are increasingly (increase) popular. You don’t have to be a competent (compete) person to take part in athletics (athlete), though you do need to be fairly energetic (energy) and reasonably fit. You can build up fitness by jogging. It’s not the distance (distant) that matters, but how long you jog for. You can improve your performance (perform) gradually over a period of weeks. In preparation (prepare) for a long race like a marathon it’s unnecessary (necessary) to run more than a couple of kilometers most days. Successful (success) marathon runners work on the psychological (psychology) aspects of running long races. Mental strength (strong) is just as important as being physically fit.


b) Our local neighbourhood (neighbour) association held their annual meeting (meet) last week. Since I had recently been chosen as our street’s representative (represent) I had to go along. The new president of the association made a long repetitive (repeat) and very boring speech (speak) about plans to build a shopping centre in the area. All the time he was speaking there was this muttering (mutter) going on at the back of the room. An argument (argue) started between two groups of people immediately (immediate) after he finished speaking. One group were in complete disagreement (agree) with the president while the others claimed his report was full of inaccuracy (accurate). By the end of the evening communication (communicate) seemed to have broken down completely.


F. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb ‘to be’.

1. The crew were rescued by our boat. 2. Her clothes are very fashionable. 3. Your advice is very useful this time. 4. The information he gave us was very important. 5. A little money is better than nothing. 6. That species of spiders is commonly seen in deserts of Northern Africa. 7. I think her hair is dyed. 8. No news is good news. 9. I don’t want to work here. The equipment is too complicated. 10. There are a lot of sheep in the field. 11. I think this is detailed research. 12. Where are my spectacles? 13. The phenomena are unusual. 14. Mathematics is difficult, but physics is more difficult to my mind. 15. The cattle are up the hill. 16. Look out! the stairs are very old. 17. In my opinion, looks are very important for an actor. 18. The police are responsible for these actions. 19. Criteria are changing, you know. 20. The committee was set up several months ago. 21. The traffic is very heavy in this street. Be careful at the corner. When the traffic lights are red, don’t cross the street. 22. The working wages are up. 23. The knowledge she has got at college is very deep. 24. The carrots were rotten, so we threw them away. 25. The vacation is always fun. 26. The funeral is usually a sad occasion. 27. The evidence is against him. 28. The contents of the letter were made public. 29. The opera glasses are out of focus. 30. The grapes are ripe.


G. Focus on Phrasal verbs. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the phrasal verbs below:

a) have on / pass off as / rip off / take in


I'm very angry. I bought this video from the local market but I was … - when I played it at home I discovered that it was a very poor quality copy, not the genuine video. The man who sold it to me assured me it was genuine. He seemed so convincing and friendly that I was completely … . I've just been back to complain that he was … copies … the original videos, but he just laughed and asked if I was … him - he said that I must have got it from another market stall because all his videos were genuine. I think I might go to the police.


b) put by / save up / take out / pay in / pay off


At the bank.


A: I'd like to … £500 please. Here are my savings account details.

B: Thank you. Oh I'm sorry sir, but you don't have enough money in your account. Would you like me to print a statement for you?

A: What? Err.. Yes please. I don't understand - I've been … £100 every month since September. I should have … £500 by now!

B: Yes sir. Ah! It says here that you took £50 out last Thursday.

A: Did I? Oh yes! I had to … my credit card debt - I remember now! Well, in that case, I won't take any money out - I'll come back next month and … £50. Sorry to trouble you. Bye!

B: Goodbye sir!

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