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Unit 13 Sequence of Tenses

Exercise 27

1.1 knew she had not read the letter yet. 2. She thought that pineapples grew on the trees. 3. He told us he had paid his debts more than a month before. 4. She said she had been writing the composition for more than three hours. 5. She did not know if the operation had been a success, 6. Tom phoned the police and said that all his things had been stolen, 7. The captain ordered everybody to get aboard. 8. They did not know if the results of their research would be published. 9.1 thought he was working and had not come into the room. 10. He asked her not to worry. 11.1 don't know when he will come to Moscow. 12. They wondered if I had ever been abroad. 13. He told us they must not speak about it now. 14. Our guide told us that the castle had been built in the 14thcentury. 15.1 hope a new bridge will be built next year.



Exercise 28

1.1 knew that they would certainly ring us up when they returned. 2. He told me that they would not go there till they found out the address. 3. She said that she had met a friend with whom they had studied at school. 4. She told me that she would hardly recognize the district because it had changed very much. 5. He asked what I would be doing when I retired. 6. He said that the documents would be sent to us as soon as they were received. 7. The nurse said that we would be able to speak to the doctor after he had examined the patient. 8. He asked me if there was any hope that I would change. 9. The correspondents were informed that the problem of prices was still being discussed and as soon as it was solved the contract would be signed. 10. He said that five years had passed since they got married. 11. He reminded me that when we had been students we had always helped each other. 12. The professor told me not to come till I learned all the material.


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