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Unit 22 Probiem Verbs

Exercise 54

Translate the following sentences into English using problem verbs.

1. Он попытался сделать все, что от него зависит, чтобы помочь ей расплатиться с долгами. 2. Она поста-вила мясо в духовку, а затем начала готовить пирог. 3. Говорят, что в России очень холодно. Это правда? 4. Он рассмеялся и поднял руки вверх в знак того, что он сдается. 5. Войдя в комнату, она положила сумочку на столик и подошла к зеркалу. 6. Доктор не разрешает тебе вставать, ты должен лежать. 7. Было прохладно, и он решил разжечь костер. 8. Цены на бензин выросли по сравнению с прошлым годом. 9. Его номер занят, наверное, Мэри опять говорит по телефону. 10. Послу-шай, кто-то ходит внизу. -- Я ничего не слышу.

Exercise 50

1. She made up her mind to change her image and made up in another way. 2. Sit into the armchair and make yourself comfortable. 3. He makes his living by selling real estate. 4. He's got an awful handwriting. I can't make out anything. 5. They could not help making fun of him. 6. He lost his job, now his family has to make both ends meet. 7. The parliament of Great Britain is made up of two chambers, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 8. They made friends in their childhood.



Exercise 51

1. Put down the newspaper and listen to me. The situation is very serious, and the meeting has been again put off. You must put forward our suggestion. 2. You must put on your cap. There is a strong wind in the street. 3. I've put on weight again. I'll have to keep from eating the sweets. 4. Have you put down the data? 5. The rebellion was put down with great cruelty. 6. The Egyptians built pyramids which remained till out time. 7. It's getting light already. It's high time to go to bed. Put your papers in order and put out the light. 8. He can't put up with the deception any longer. 9. They want to'put an end to corruption in their office.



Exercise 52

1. The car disappeared after running over a passer by. 2. Do you know who I ran into the library? It was Jack! 3. He ran into debt because he bought a house. 4. They had to surrender because they ran out of water. 5. The children were running about the bank of the river. 6. The price of the picture at the auction ran to $15,000. 7. Run after Father, he left his wallet at home.



Exercise 53

1. He took to playing cards in his youth. 21 It is not worth taking offence at him. He did not want to hurt you. 3. He's got an alibi. When the murder took place, he was in another town. 4. The dictaphone did not work and he had to take notes of all the conversation. 5. My son takes after his grandfather, he is as stubborn as his Grandpa is. 6. Did he take an advantage of anything? 7. He took notice of her at the tram stop. 8. We took his victory for granted. 9. She is a person who takes everything to heart. 10. We'll take over another company next year. 11. He took interest in my work. 12. What measures have been taken to make profit? 13. The plane is to take off in 10 minutes. Fasten the belts, please. 14. We took him for an Italian, but he turned out a Spaniard. 15. He decided to take the floor at the next sitting. 16. It was stuffy in the hall and she took off the jacket. 17. They took into account all his remarks. 18. I'd like to work in the hospital and take after the wounded. 19. He took an active part in the discussion of the plan.



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