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Unit 17 The Participle

Exercise 34

1. Be attentive when driving a car. 2. On the sheet of the paper there were several lines written in pencil 3. Having received a telegram my sister immediately left for Glasgow. 4.1 don't know the man speaking on the phone. 5. Having gone in the evening, we arrived in the city at 6 a.m. 6. The news received made everybody excited. 7.1 left her a message not having caught her at home. 8. Feeling tired they decided to have a rest. 9.1 did not remember the name of the person who rang you up yesterday. 10. We sat on the terrace enjoying a wonderful view of the mountains surrounding our hotel.


Exercise 35

1. He must have heard about it. 2. This house must have been built at the beginning of the century. 3. You must not stop work till you finish it. 4. They must be having a lesson now. 5. Take it easy, he must have done it by chance. 6. He must be sleeping now. 7.1 have been looking for the house for half an hour already and can't find it anywhere. She must have given me the wrong address. 8.1 did not have to do the drawing. 9. Evidently, he had no time to finish work by Friday and had to spend the weekend doing it because it was to be done by Monday. 10. Evidently, she hasn't watered the garden. The ground is very dry. 11. There was no choice and they had to agree. 12. She must be waiting for us at home. 13. She must wait for us at home. 14. Evidently, she was not told that we had already returned. 15, She had to apologize though it was unpleasant for her.


Exercise 36

1. You needn't have told Mike about it. 2. He needn't be asked about it. 3.1 need your help. 4. You needn't have learned the text by heart, the teacher did not ask it.

5. In the evening the temperature fell and he decided that he didn't have to go to the doctor's. 6. Don't you see that his hair needs cutting? 7. He needn't have refused the invitation. 8. You bought your car only a year ago. Does it need to be painted? 9. My computer needs fixing. 10. John did not have to go to London, and he decided to spend the weekend in Brighton.


Exercise 37

1. You should have rung him up yesterday. 2. He shouldn't have spoken to her in that tone. His tone must have hurt her. 3. It was to happen. Everybody knows his forgetfulness. 4. She had to find out everything before starting the work. Now she must change a lot of things. 5. She should have brought all the papers long ago. Now it's too late. 6. Children must not see horror films. 7. Shall I see them off? -- No, you needn't. I'll have to do it myself. 8. You/ One must adapt yourself/oneself to a new life in a foreign country. 9. You needn't have bought this coat. 10. Evidently, we did not notice him in the crowd. 11. We did not need to hurry, so we decided to walk. 12. Why should I do it?



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