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Read the text and find the answers to the following questions. 1. Where does the term the marketing mix come from?

1. Where does the term the marketing mix come from?

2. What is the marketing mix?

3. What does the term product in the marketing mix mean?

4. What does the term price in the marketing mix mean?

5. What does the term promotion in the marketing mix mean?

6. What does the term place in the marketing mix mean?

7. What are the additional four Ps?

8. Why is this model called producer-oriented?


A marketing manager is talking about the marketing mix for a brand of cleaning products. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the text, and then match each paragraph with one of the Ps.

1. Our (staff/ reputation/ competitors) are highly motivated. We really believe in our brand. For example, our (consumers/ employees/ customers) are always trying to improve what we do.


2. Our (tools/ range/ support) includes detergent, toilet cleaner and sponges.

3. We use a lot of (advertising/ presence/ promotional), usually in women’s magazines.

4. You can find the brand in supermarkets and local shops. The (tangible/ accessibility/ process) of our (staff/ mix/ outlets) is important. We need to be in a lot of (locations/ supports/ distributions) so that we are easy to find.

5. We are more (accessibility/ reputation/ expensive) than our (competitors/ staff/ sales) but we offer good credit terms and we sometimes run special (deals/ processes/ support).

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