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Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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Provide definition to the following terms. Use your business dictionary to check.

1) affordability, 2) accessibility, 3) awareness, 4) acceptability, 5) communication

Find in the text the answers to the following questions.

1. What for was the 4Cs model offered?

2. What were the 4Ps replaced by?

3. What do 4As include?

4. Why is affordability important?

5. Why is accessibility important?

6. What is AIDA?

7. Why is the new version model called customer-oriented?


Put the words and word combinations from the box into the correct columns.

acceptability awareness cost to user objects
accessibility communication customer needs operations
affordability convenience objectives organization
Product Price Place Promotion


Complete the article about a supermarket in-store event using the following words.

awareness customers identified meet promotional

This week, Tesco launches its biggest ever 'Health Event' - illustrating its commitment to helping (1) ….. lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The supermarket has (2) ….. health as an important customer concern and is working to (3) …… the needs of its customers.

Hundreds of (4) ….. operations for healthy products will run all over the store,

from fresh produce through to grocery and healthcare lines. Tesco hopes that (5) …… of its initiative will be high.

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