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Common brand values.

Consumers are now bombarded with choices. They are also harder to reach. They are busier, more distracted and have more media to choose from. That’s why brands create their own specific values to be unmistakably recognized on the market.

Brand values are the code by which the brand lives and operates. They express how the brand wants to be seen by its consumers. Every brand has its own values, but there are some common brand values, which can be divided into subsets:

Trust me.

A brand may be respected because it shows it is knowledgeable about, or has a very good understanding of its area of expertise (for example, computing or finance) or its consumers. Many quality national newspapers have a strong heritage - they have built strong, lasting values over many years. They are trustworthy and dependable brands, often with an international outlook - reporting news from other countries. Some brands speak about their trustworthiness - their integrity, honesty and responsibility - and act in ways that are fair for the consumer and the environment. Other brands demonstrate their leadership qualities - the skills and knowledge to lead others. The Linux operating system and some open source software organizations allow consumers to contribute to their brand values: being accessible, diverse, inclusive and independent.

I am good for you.

Customer satisfaction is key for brands that offer values like great taste, low cost, value for money or good quality. Brands speak about flexibility, simplicity and practicality. Being easy to use is a positive value. Some brands focus on a healthy lifestyle and are nutritional, fresh and natural. Some brands show they are caring and want to look after their consumers. A good example is the toy retailer Toys "R" Us, which includes educational as one of its values.

I make you feel good.

Companies can use experiences and qualities as brand values:

discovery: the brand helps you discover or find out about things;

pleasure: the brand gives you an enjoyable experience;

passionate: the consumer and the brand share the same passions or strong feelings;

inspirational: the brand can inspire the consumer to think about new things;

vibrant or fun: the brand offers amusing experiences;

active or dynamic: the brand is enthusiastic and has a lot of energy; it is constantly changing and adapting to the consumer;

luxury: the brand promises high levels of comfort and beauty at a high price.

I am your contemporary.

Brands often mirror their consumers' values with their own. Young and modern brands will list in their brand values qualities like modern, innovative, creative and technological. More traditional brands will give their values as classic, heritage, authentic and original.

Describing brand values.

When describing brand values we can use both adjectives and nouns. We can say 'We are a modern and innovative brand' or 'Our values are modernity and innovation'.


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